Property transfers, Sept. 4, 2016

Published 3:18 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Leon W. and Maureen Kraut to Steve and Randa Bates, 4.79 acres on Ky. 1920.

Grabruck Meadows LLC to Gary A. Smith, through Richard Smith, and Linda Smith, through Ethel Smith, property in Williamsburg Village, $90,000.

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James H. and Christy S. Durham to Selfrefind Property Management LLC, two tracts on South Fourth Street, $21,000.

Gary McFarland to Gary McFarland and Sherry McFarland, property in Shelby City, gift; fair cash value, $60,000.

Gary McFarland to Gary McFarland and Sherry McFarland, property on Harding Street, gift; fair cash value, $71,500.

Tim and Debbie Lucas to Brenda Sue May, property on Old Bridge Road, $300,000.

Miriam C. Bottom to Haley A. Dean and Nicholas C. Brown, property in Spring Hill subdivision, $119,900.

Bo K. and Megaan L. Turner to Tonya R. Drake and Allen D. Vinyard, property on Kentucky Avenue, Junction City, $90,000.

Ronald and Lisa Kingsley to Garett and Angela Oakes, property on Highfield Road, $130,000.

William S. Wilson to Deanna and Gordon J. Glasser, property on Boone Trail, $235,000.

Viking Partners Ridgefield LLC to Gavcon Properties No. 1792 LLC, four parcels in Ridgefield Center, $12,800,000.

Irene Pennington to Dallas E. and Rebecca L. Pennington, 18.853 acres in Junction City, gift; fair market value, $25,000.

Farmers National Bank of Danville, as executor of the Pierce Lively estate, to Peter and Mary H. Ballard, property on Dogwood Drive, $260,000.

Ronald H. and Doris L. Smith to HBC1 LLC, 4.6 acres in Boyle County, $220,000.

David M. and Rebecca East to Judy Harmon, property in Park Hills subdivision, $102,000.

Irene Pennington, through Dallas E. Pennington, to Paul and Rhonda Rousey, 2.06 acres in Junction City, $8,000.

Jerry and Jeannette Germann to Glen and Jessica Williams, two acres in Boyle County, $7,744.

Jerry and Jeannette Germann to William R. and Kelma J. Johnson, two acres in Boyle County, $7,744.

Jason and Mary Quinn Ramer to John A. and Kendra S. Funkhouser, property in Weisiger Woods subdivision, $180,000.

Irene Pennington to Kirby D. and Cindy L. Pennington, property in Junction City, gift; fair market value, $500.

Michael R. and Amy C. Bishop and Patrica A. and Larry D. Glass to Premier Rentals LLX, two tracts in Boyle County on Herrington Lake, property transfer; fair cash value, $75,000.

Estate of Thelma Baugh, through Warren S. Baugh as executor, to Warren S. Baugh, property on Lebanon Turnpike, estate settlement; fair market value, $35,000.

Estate of Thelma Baugh, through Warren S. Baugh as executor, to Warren S. Baugh, two tracts on Perryville Road, estate settlement; fair market value, $400,000.

Larry A. and Connie J. Belcher to David R. and Phyllis G. Belcher, one-half interest in property near Parksville, $100,000.

Jerry and Teresa Smothers to Elizabeth A. Wyka, property on Harberson Lane, $36,500.

Joshua F. Revell and Deborah Perata-Revell, as co-executors of the Robert Jeffrey Revell estate, to Donald and Judy Burns, property on Godbey Lane, $98,000.


Property transfers for Casey County will be included next week.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Katherene R. and Leonard A. Francis, Bessie Frances Johnson, Minnie B. White Wesley, Willie C. Leavell and Edward E. Leavell to Jerry Green, property on Drake’s Creek, $12,000.

Michael L. and Melissa S. Toler to Charles J. and Sherrie F. Austin, property on Cave Spring Drive, $7,260.

Colby B. and Elizabeth Sultzbach to Jeremy L. and Michelle Puckett, property on Wesley Drive, $149,900.

Woodrow Saylor and Rick Saylor to Rick Saylor, 66 acres in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

Jeanetta Sanders to Deborah E. Stone-Cook, property on Maplewood Drive, $80,000.

Greg and Dana Hensley to Mary S. and Betty J. Shepherd, 42.81 acres on Bowmans Bottom Road, $98,230.

Marnice A. Hart, as executrix of the the Linda Sue Robinson Walker estate, to James Caudill and Scotty Middleton, two lots on Osbourne Avenue, $3,500.

Newcomb Realty LLC to City of Lancaster, 1.29 acres at Crab Orchard and South Campbell streets, property transfer; fair cash value, $224,765.

Oneida B. Powell to Aaron and Amanda Hutchison, lot in Bright Leaf Estates subdivision, $8,000.

Ben Stanley to Clarence J. Michel Jr., 1.47 acres in Rocky Fork Estates, $20,000.

Jason R. and Racheal M. Wilson to Adam R. and Maureen E. Rockhill, lot on Maupin Road, $117,500.

Gary L. and Kathy Tackett to Jennifer M. Gray and Mason G. Tackett, two parcels on Back Creek, gift; fair cash value, $48,000.

U.S. Bank to Blueridge Homes Inc., property on Bowmans Bottom Road, $2,350.

ACM LLC to Michael W. Atha, property in Woodsprings subdivision, $28,000.

Elizabeth Shaw to Brett and Stella Jones, property in Paint Lick, $99,000.

Bernadette and Glenford Branham Jr. through Lesha Hays, to Joan Phelps, property in Garrard County, $135,000.

Kelli Gerkey to Amanda M. and Jeffery P. Stipe Jr., property on Ky. 753, $270,000.

Dorothy Watkins to Gregory R. Cope, property on Ky. 52, $140,000.

Ralph and Johnetta Broaddus to Margaret Kelly Vest and Lori Dale Ray, property on Pine Hill Drive, gift; fair cash value, $110,000.

Byron W. and Kimberly A. Teater to Steven L. Walton, property on York Street, $50,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Saul and Kathy Boswell to Eric and Jessica Boswell, .48 of an acre on Cross Road, gift; fair cash value, $3,500.

Felicia C. and Jerry D. Kelly to Patrick W. and Regina B. Lanigan, 3.241 acres on Ky. 3276, Waynesburg, $6,000.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Company and Carol Jean Pittman, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to David J. and Sonja L. Bratcher, .50 of an acre on Ky. 1781, $14,000.

Evelyn F. Grigsby to Mark A. Grigsby, property in Payton’s Run development, property settlement; fair cash value, $150,000.

Brenda Howell to Mathew and Hannah Ruckel, 1.74 acres on Ky. 1247, $6,500.

PAM Investments, LLC, to Bo K. and Megaan L. Turner, property in Raintree subdivision, $117,000.

Leonard J. and Esther R. Roy to Gary and Rebecca Wilson, property in Raintree subdivision, $120,000.

Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust, by U.S. Bank, N.A., and Susan Roberts, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Prof-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust, by U.S. Bank, N.A., property on Whitley Avenue, $33,334.

6 MC, LLC, to Jordan R. and Ashley B. Sparr, .347 of an acre on Ky. 1194 (McCormack’s Church Road), $70,000.

Shirley Chaney to Ricky Daniel II and Christy Dawn Hedrick, two tracts U.S. 27 at Halls Gap, property transfer; fair cash value, $139,000.

Steven Knight to Dustin L. Sparrow, property in Silver Flats subdivision, $100,000.

Danny Douglas Brummett to Teresa Kay Brummett, 1.5 acres on Bowling Ridge Road, property settlement; fair market value, $5,000.

Timothy D. and Ida D. Pilcher to Pauline A. Richard and Larry J. Dumm, property off Sims Ridge Road, $190,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, David Taylor and Alice Taylor, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, two tracts on Lamb Road containing 5.341 acres, $80,000.

Whitaker Bank Inc. to Elleman Properties, LLC, lot No. 87 in Land of Goshen subdivision, $22,000.

Linda S. Dye to Leticia R. Villarreal, 1.098 acres on Moores School Road, $125,000.

Keith and Kathy Austin to Jeffery V. Farmer, property on Clark Avenue, $3,000.

John J. and Alma J. Hershberger to Zachary T. and Kathy T. Lyons, four parcels on Old Richmond Road and Fall Lick Road near Crab Orchard, $260,000.

William and Sarah Lamb to Brion D. and Debra J. Chuhralya, 11 acres on the Crab Orchard and Stanford Highway, $292,550.

Jerry D. and Brenda Smith to Maksim and Yuliya Meyko, U.S. 127, south of Bowen Road, $90,000.

Louie Wilson, executor of the Alma Wilson estate, to Edward and Diane VanHook, .3705 of an acre on Ky. 238, $8,000.

Travis and Brenda Mullins to Susan A. and Kevin W. Supplee Sr., five parcels on Ky. 1781, Crab Orchard Fork Road and Bee Lick Road, containing 264.549 acres, $1,348,800.

Huston Pointe, LLC, to Daveida Carol and Elias Jackson Smith III, tract on Huston Pointe, containing 11.127 acres, $25,200.

Joseph L. Julian to Hillary L. Hutchison, property in Sierra subdivision, $128,500.

Sheila Gail Mullins to Michael D. and Anissa J. Farrell, 1.317 acres off Cedar Ridge Road, $8,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, Cecil K. Johnson and Linda R. Johnson, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, .859 of an acre on Ky. 39, Crab Orchard, $41,334.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, and Wilma J. Allen, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, property in Silver Flats Subdivision, $63,000.

Casey County Bank Inc. to G & N Enterprises, LLC, three tracts on Old U.S. 127 and McCormick’s Church Road, $59,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, Alphanso Miller and Endia Miller, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Robert H. and Rose C. Noe and Dan L. and Jane N. Barnett, property in Dix River Estates, $83,521.

Bobby G. Adams to David T. and Gina L. Noland, 7.007 acres off Bowen Road, $28,000.

Harold L. and Joyce Malena Carter, Judy A. Carter, Roger L. and Belinda P. Carter and William R. Carter to William Dale Holtzclaw, four acres on U.S. 27, $78,000.

Kristen and Christopher Hazlett to Timothy Matthew and Misty Erin McCoy, 1.18 acres on Jeffries Lane, $57,000.

James and June Rousey to Gayle W. Voshell, 4.04 acres on Fall Lick Road, $195,000.

Brenda C. and William D. Daniels to Brenda Cheatham Daniels, Donna Cheatham Snyder and Whitney Snyder, property in Country Meadows subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $89,900.

JP Morgan Chase Bank and William Folger, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Uneida Johnson, .46 of an acre off Neals Creek Road, $46,945.

Tax Ease Lien Servicing, LLC, Shirley M. Braymer, a.k.a. Shirley M. McElroy and Ronald E. McElroy, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Uneida Johnson, 5.128 acres on Hatcher Lane, $3,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Caleb Joseph Ruckel, .385 of an acre on Moccasin Road, $400.

Tax Ease Lien Investments 1, LLC, Lisa Stringer, a.k.a. Lisa Middleton Stringer and Victor Keith Middleton, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Emily J. and Earl T. Abee Jr., 1.02 acres off Ky. 643 and Allen Road near Ottenheim, $20,000.

Dakota Blue and Jessica Marie Smallwood to Mary J. Fowler, property on Crawford’s Lane, $109,585.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Milford and Carolyn Compton to Tina Sanders, two parcels in Shasta subdivision, property transfer; value not listed.

Bentley S. and Susan K. Lane to David and Linda Hill, 5.31 acres on Hudson Road, $95,000.

Darrel Baker, Jo Nell Devers, Martha Steele and Robin Cooper, all individually and as co-executors of the Nellie Tumey Baker estate, and their spouses, Lorraine Baker, Calvin Devers, and Buddy Steele, to Joseph H. Patterson and Kayla Renee Stevens, property on East Street, $39,500.

Ronald D. and Marjory A. Lee to Stephen and Melinda Lyons, property in Fountaine View subdivision, $226,000.

Dan Curran to Nancy A. and Amos Pierson Jenkins Jr., .38 of an acre at Ky. 152 and Ky. 33, $95,000.

Anne J. Morris to Carla Perry and Carl Rolland Perry, property on Gentry Lane, Salvisa, $242,000.

Jason and Brittany Lewis to Jonathon Todd Howell, 5.004 acres in Mercer County, $227,500.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to John J. Stott, property on Perryville Street, $67,883.

Michael Adams as guardian for Lavonna Gail Adams, to Dathan and Robin Jones, property in Larue Park, $42,500.

Beulah C. Horton, individually and as executrix of the Omar E. Carey estate, to Jerry D. and Peggy Burns, property on Riverside Drive, $90,000.

Sharon Sue Johnson Fields to Mose R. Miller, as trustee of Lakeside Trust, property on Ashley Camp Road, property transfer; fair cash value, $315,000.

Joel and Michelle Harper to Jeffrey T. and Renae D. Hiltibran, property on Pleasant Hill Drive, $194,000.

Julia Stamper to Evonne Fielder, property on Greenville Street, $40,500.

John W. and Jamie L. Gibson to Kelly J. and Carroll G. Pike Jr., property on Mackville Road, $65,000.

Garnett Bugg and Wanda Crane, as co-executors of the Etta Mae Bugg estate, to Garnett and Bessie M. Bugg, property in Mercer County, estate settlement; fair market value, $45,000.

L. Kevin Kays, as executor of the James H. Kays estate, to Aaron and Ethel Gray, property on Fountaine Trace, $167,500.

Christopher R. and Betty L. Vandiviere to Bryan Z. and Jennifer L. Vandiviere, two parcels known as Soward’s Lake Front Development, $290,000.

Jason Bradley, individually and as executor of the Martha E. Downs estate, to Marshall Sims Jr., property on Park Avenue, $10,000.

Roy Gordon Scott Jr. and Patricia Carol Mayes, as co-executors of the Annelle S. Scott estate, to Larry G. Hamilton, property on Fairview Court, $63,000.

Ima Lane to James and Kathryn Gilbert, property on Dixie Manor, $125,500.

Mark and Kimberly Ritchie to Kevin D. and Evelyn M. Edwards, 23.34 acres in Mercer County, $135,000.

Chad and Rebecca Patterson to Mark D. and Kimberly A. Ritchie, 2.66 acres in Mercer County, $245,000.

Anness Grocery LLC to B&B Corner LLC, property on Bellows Mill Road, $84,618.

Whitaker Bank Inc., Gilbert Group LLC and Troy A. Gilbert through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Sims Investments LLC, property on Virginia Avenue, $106,000.