Property transfers, Sept. 11, 2016

Published 12:14 pm Sunday, September 11, 2016


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Shelia Myles to Lesley S. Mullen, two tracts on Danville and Shakertown Pike, $94,000.

Elita Weintraub to Randall D. and Melinda M. Mass, property in Rolling Meadows, $358,000.

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Daniel P. Krupp to Angela C. Roberts, property on Pope Road, $180,000.

Sarah M. Ball to KCK3 LLC, property on Alta Avenue, $70,000.

Robert W. Smith and Jacqueline G. Fowler to R. Lynn and Julie F. Tucker, property in Bluegrass Trace, $190,200.

Steve J. Roach and Jamie Speake and Sheena Westerfield to Russell Steele Gregory, property in The Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $210,000.

Charles Z. Yankey, through Lori G. Yankey, to Lazy A. Farm LLC, 17.35 acres on Danville-Lancaster Road, $106,700.

Shelby G. Crawford to 6 MC LLC, two tracts on Danville and Hustonville Road, $200,000.

Jimmy Smothers and Anna Smothers to Irton Slone and Jodena G. Slone, property on Ky. 34 and Ky. 1822.

Norman E. Terhune to Harriet A. Monin, property in Boyle County, $185,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Austin D. Cooper, property on Cloverdale Drive, $101,125.

Donald M. and Carol C. Pinska to Bruce D. and Sandra K. Harper, property in The Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $215,000.

Teresa and Steve Snow to Junior Long, property in Shelby Green subdivision, $160,000.

Glenview Properties LLC to Robert E. and Deborah S. Battey, property in Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $249,000.

Julie S. Erwin and Bruce White to Carballales Inc., property on Lexington Avenue, $190,000.

Alberta L. Wood to Garrett Thomas Wood, property on Cheryl Lane, gift; fair cash value, $80,000.

Newland O. Fowler to Newland S. Fowler and Sue Reed Fowler, property on Perryville and Springfield Road, $18,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

William F. and Dorothy Grider to Rebecca Beldon, property on Egypt Creek Road, $33,000.

William F. and Dorothy Grider to William Grider and Linda Kidd, property on Egypt Creek Road, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

Joel E. Little and Sallie Baugh to Daniel N. and Mary Sue Reams, two tracts on Ky. 35, $1,546,300.

Billy Ray Dunkin to Wesley R. and Bethany L. Howard, property on Ferndale Ridge Road, $25,000.

Joyce J. Russell to Joshua D. and Lindsay M. Switzer, two parcels in River Drive Estates subdivision, $100,000.

Martha Wilham to Junior W. Wilham, .25 of an acre on Trace Fork Creek, $1,500.

Elisha Wilson to Debbie W. Brummell and Danna R. Gesellchen, property on Rouse Brand Road, $110,000.

Ridgefield Place LLC to Randall L. and Karen A. Roy, two lots in Ridgefield Place, $16,000.

Don’s Rental Properties LLC to Steve Russell and Louis Richards, property at Wolford and Allen streets, $30,000.

Melodie L. Cochran, Alma M. Baldwin and Pauletta E. Haynes to Larry Scott, property on Ky. 49, $6,848.

Casey Armstrong and Mary Armstrong to Joseph and Gloria Ellis, eight tracks on Big South Fork, $180,000.

Raymond and Ronda L. Hughes to Ronald I. Summers and Hannah B. Cochran, property on Gum Lick Road, $39,000.

Flossie Martin to Graylon “Boo” Mills, property on Henson Ridge Road, $6,000.

Angela L. and Todd Carman to Nancy J. and James R. Luttrell, property in Casey County, gift; fair market value, $75,000.

Janice B. Brackett to Marcus Brackett, two parcels on Bryant Ridge Road, gift; fair cash value, $31,400.

Raymond and Ronda L. Hughes to George R. and Tabatha R. Stephens, tract on Gum Lick Road, $25,500.

Matthew C. and Kari Richardson to Janet Withers, property in Casey County, $79,000.

Donald Tarter, Joy Tarter, David Tarter and Anna Lou Tarter-Smith to Matthew and Kari Richardson, property on Merritt Ridge Road, $65,000.

West 70 Mini Storage and Office Complex Inc. to Wilkerson Holdings LLC, property on Ky. 70, $197,500.

Warren D. and Joan Coppage to Aaron D. Coppage, property on Lower Branch Creek Road, gift; fair cash value, $2,500.

Angela H. and Kevin Stevens to Ralph D. and Carolyn L. Hafley, five acres on Big South Fork, gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

Ralph D. and Carolyn L. Hafley to Roger C. and Bonnie J. Vaughn, five parcels on Ky. 78, Ellisburg, $50,000.

Withers Home Sales Inc. to Edward and Marina Nolt, property in Flatwood Estates, $15,000.

Stephen and Bridgett Lynn to Austin and Brooklyn Breeden, property on Ky. 49, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

Garry and Starla Hines to Daniel and Lena Swartzentruber, two parcels off of Ky. 837, $35,000.

Kerry D. and Connie S. Cundiff to Spruce Pine Way LLC, property off of Ky. 2970, $17,500.

Kerry D. and Connie S. Cundiff to Spruce Pine Way LLC, 10 parcels off of Spruce Pine Creek, $692,500.

Kerry D. and Connie S. Cundiff to Spruce Pine Way LLC, five parcels between Sanders Ridge Road and Ewing Ridge Road, $540,000.

Darren M. and Courtney L. Atwood to Jeffrey L. and Donna Carman, 4.45 acres on Bartle Drive, $20,000.

Joey P. and Karin S. Weddle to Kerry D. and Connie S. Cundiff, property on Carpenter’s Creek, $540,000.

Brandy S. Underwood to Brad Vaughn and Steve Spears, two lots on Adams Street, $23,000.

Bank of America to Larry W. Morgan, property on Allen Street, property transfer; fair market value, $10,000.

Larry W. Morgan, as executor of the D. W. Morgan estate, to Bank of America, property on Allen Street, $83,001.

Jack and Maria L. P. Mondie to Dennis and Ruth Bryant, .799 of an acre on Fair-Crew Road, $15,000.

Robert and Lara Johnson to Jordan Williams, property on Whipp Avenue, $115,000.

Debbie and Marvin Rayborn to Casey County Bank, property on Ky. 70, $6,000.

Garland D. and Barbara G. Marples to Darrell and Anita Burton, one acre on Gum Lick Road, $6,500.

Douglas and Janice Meece to Edna F. Elliott, property on Ky. 910, Windsor, $135,000.

Robert and Tabitha Coffman to Mazen Homsi and McKenzie Pittman, .67 of an acre on Ky. 1547, $10,200.

Kentucky Housing Corporation, John B. Whited and Samantha J. Gosser-Whited, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Federal National Mortgage Association, property on Trammell Street, $33,559.

Deutsche Bank Trust Co., Charles L. McAnelly and Jacqueline G. McAnelly, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Deutsche Bank and Trust Company, property on Hustonville Street, $116,250.

Thomas and Karen Hust to Leamon S. and Thelma Sims, two tracts containing 6.52 acres and .38 of an acre in Casey County, $1,500.

Joseph S. Sharp and Lisa M. Sharp to Lawrence Long III and Thea Long, 10.3 acres on Ky. 78, $15,000.

Joseph S. Sharp and Lisa M. Sharp to Lawrence Long III and Thea Long, two parcels containing 11.77 acres and 1.89 acres in Casey County, $260,000.

Larry W. and Candice Porter to Jaciario Silva Gomes and Amy M. Gomes, property on Ky. 837, $46,000.

June and Marvin Fair to Michael C. and Casey M. Propes, two tracts in Casey County, $138,000.

Donald C. and Teresa Lewallen to Jonathan and Robin M. Derringer, property between Bryant Ridge Road and Ky. 70, $147,000.

Casey County Bank to Dustin Gosser, property on Lower Brush Creek Road, $16,500.

Michael E. Meece to Arthur R. and Brittany Allen and Slifton and Hazel Scott, property on Ky. 910, $50,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Roy M. and Carolyn B. Noe to Jimmy Tudor, two tracts in Garrard County, $569,800.

Mary Cole and Robert R. and Tracy R. Cole to William and Patricia B. Elmore, property in Garrard County, $71,400.

Lloyd Morrow to Trampas Montgomery Jr., property on Lancaster and Nicholasville Turnpike near Kentucky River, $35,000.

Mary Jo and Louis E. Rinehart Jr. to Jonathan and Laura Beth Ray, two parcels on Wolfe Trail Road, $235,000.

Michael C. and Deborah L. Rose to Linda S. and Robert C. Williams, property on Donmar Drive, $450,000.

Roy M. and Carolyn B. Noe to Duane McCuddy, property in Garrard County, $165,000.

Bobby F. and Sandra K. Smith to Ricky Dale Cole, property on Ky. 152, $35,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Robert W. and Brandy L. Adams, property on Sycamore Drive, $99,500.

Timothy Isaacs and James T. and Hannah Isaacs to Herbert and Dora Isaacs, three tracts in Garrard County, gift; fair market value, $30,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Tim Stec, as United States Marshal for the Eastern District, and Christian Gosser et al, to Eddie Wilcher and Melissa Poynter, property in Baughman Ridge Estates, $51,200.

Donna and George O. Spoonamore IV to Dorothy Lewis, lot No. 27, Cash Creek Estates, Phase 2, $160,000.

Norma Warner to Candy L. Maples, 1.8 acres on Old Liberty Road, gift; fair cash value $10,000.

Odia Dowell to Joseph Dowell, property on Brad Petrey Road, gift; fair cash value, $77,000.

Matthew S. and Brittany D. Fletcher to William and Sarah Lamb, 1.707 acres on Boone Road, $145,000.

Judy Howard to William and Sarah Lamb, .5 of an acre on Boone Road, $4,500.

Roxanne Peel to Central Kentucky Agricultural Credit Association, 2.401 acres on Spoonamore Road (Chrisman Spur), property transfer; fair cash value, $15,000.

Erma L. Powell to Tracy and John G. Howard Jr., property on U.S. 150, $54,450.

Harmon Properties, LLC, to Brijeshkumar S. and Truptiben A. Patel, property on Douglas Avenue, Hustonville, $90,000.

U.S. Bank, Julia Fogle and David Fogle, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to U.S. Bank, property on Hazlett Hollow Road, $36,667.

Carol S. McMillan to Matthew and Rebecca East, property in Country Meadows, Section 1, $92,000.

Dorothy Lewis to Marcus J. and Adrianne Patterson, property in Walnut Grove subdivision, Section 1, $180,000.

Steven and Erin Durham to Keith Dotson, property on Bowen Road and Bowen Spur, $5,000.

Mary Arlene Wright, as executrix of the Dudley L. Wright estate, to Mary Arlene Wright, two parcels of property off Old U.S. 27 at intersection with Tick Ridge Road, estate settlement; fair cash value, $9,000.

Elizabeth K. and David L. Ryan to Stephanie Wilson and Michael G. Sims, property on Baughman Street, $57,000.

Christina A. Lasure to Jody W. Lasure, 11.575 acres on Ky. 590, property settlement, value not listed.

Jody W. Lasure to Jody W. Lasure and Mary Lasure, 11.192 acres on Ky. 590, property transfer; fair cash value $128,000.

Judith K. Howard to Don and Beulah M. Roberts, property on Holmes’ Lane, survivorship deed.

Don and Beulah M. Roberts to Jerry and Loretta C. Brock, property on Holmes’ Lane, $35,000.

Vernon and Rebecca Dowell to William and Donna LeGere, property on Crab Orchard Fork Road, $10,800.

Margaret E. Edwards to MugWug Properties II, LLC, one-fourth interest in property on Main Street, Crab Orchard, capital contribution; fair cash value, $5,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Rick and Elizabeth Cole to Charles R. Hubbard and Barbara Goodlett Pacey, two tracts on Chimney Rock Road, $190,000.

Guardian Savings Bank, Chad M. Horn and Sherry G. Horn, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Guardian Savings Bank, property on East Poplar Street, $65,000.

Delmer and Delores Odell and Joel and Kelly Odell to Loto Jane Greenlee, property on Tewmey Lane, $192,000.

Margaret Curtis Farthing to Randall D. Combs, property on Palisades Drive, $114,500.

Robert and Pamela Smithers to Dane L. and Crystal L. Utt, property in Mercer County, $269,000.

Linda D. and Emma L. Trout to George L. and Shirley A. Peachee, property on Dory Drive, Salvisa, $193,000.

John D. and Sandra M. Lane to Patrick and Sonya Brock, 43.455 acres in Mercer County, $1880,000.

Bentley S. and Susan Lane to Patrick and Sonya Brock, 37.986 acres in Mercer County, $180,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Gabrielle Follmer, Karen B. Aubrey, Arthur Roberts and Michael B. Follmer, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Federal National Mortgage Association property on Oregon Road, Salvisa, $233,334.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company and Bradley Owen Buntain, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, property on Bohon Road, $80,000.

Allen C. and Alicai Nichols to Bret and Sherry Royalty, .372 of an acre on Warwick Road, $15,000.

Dunn Hill Farm LLC to Chad A. and Lauren N. Devitt, three tracts in Mercer County, $549,900.

Mary A. Driscoll to Kevin D. Peavler, two tracts on Bellows Mill Road, $889,000.

Joshua I. and Crystal Adams to Brian T. Dingee, 20,87 acres in Boyle and Mercer counties known as the Kentucky State Hospital Farm lands, $230,500.

James D. and Allyson C. Holloway to Christopher H. and Melissa D. King, 10.78 acres in Mercer County, $67,000.

William H. and Twana Jean Patrick to Wilma J. Curry and Twana Jean Patrick, property on Mac Court, gift; value, $56,500.

Elizabeth Iona Lawson and Beth and Anthony D Rosenbarger Jr., property in Ash-Dan Estates, Burgin, $143,000.

James H. Parker and Lee Anne Pilson to Tina M. Lynn and Christopher Schell, tract on Herrington Lake, $12,000.

Joe R. and Pamela J. Stewart to Alyssa P. Stockton and Joshua S. Brown, 5.73 acres in Mercer County, $121,000.

Carla R. Perry to Daniel and Sue Higley, 6.34 acres on Cummins Ferry Road, $155,000.

Randall D. Sanders, through Michael Barry Sanders, to Alan L. and Gwendolyn D. Wilson, property on Bellows Mill Road, $210,570.

Joshua D. and Kathlynn J. Snyder to Aubrey Russell and Katherine Lucille Blevins, property in Sunset Shores subdivision, $160,000.

May I. Byrd to Deborah Sampson, five acres on Deep Creek Road, $17,500.

Joe M. and Barbara Hawkins to Hunter B. Hawkins, 40.55 acres on Old Harrodsburg and Mackville Turnpike, gift; fair cash value, $100,000.