Engineering contract approved for Danville water projects

Published 11:30 am Wednesday, September 14, 2016


On Monday, City Commission approved the HDR Engineering contract amendment for further projects along Danville Roads.

In a memo from City Engineer Earl Coffey, he said the component of the original contract was the design and construction of the Perryville Tank.

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“As part one of this component, a 16-inch (water) main will be constructed from the bypass along Perryville Road to Hughes Lane and a 12-inch will extend south on Hughes Lane to connect with an existing 12-inch main on Corporate Drive.”

He also said it was suggested that there be an increase in the line size in the line that runs from the Danville bypass.

Coffey said the plan to fund the project is to “use contingency money from the water treatment plant component to leverage an Economic Development grant.”

Coffey thinks they can receive a grant up to $1 million and will need $20,000 with one part costing $10,000 and the grant supplying $10,000.

It was discussed that the reason the project was approached in different sections is because a portion of it benefits the economic interest along Corporate Drive while the other portion also benefits the economic development in the area.

“We’ve had conversations with rural development and they support this project,” Coffey said.