‘Deplorables’ hold this world together

Published 3:17 pm Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

I am one of the “deplorables!”

I have lived in Danville all of my life, married here and raised my children here. I have worked as a waitress, a factory worker, a realtor and finally, redoing houses.

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We were raised poor in West Danville, we were taught to work hard and we did. I have paid taxes and obeyed the laws.  We never asked for hand-outs, though many times could have used one.

I have attended church all my life and tried to help others in need. All my children were educated and graduated here, yet we are the deplorables.

We are a family that loves our country — having a husband, a son, two grandsons (one serving with the Thunderbirds), and four brothers (one died in service), seven brothers-in-law, and many nephews (one died in Vietnam.)

There are many of us out there, working, schooling, volunteering, trying to fill our place in society. We love our country, our flag, our military, our police officers, and our pastors.

Yes, we are the deplorables and we are the ones who pay the salaries of those who have labeled us “the basket of deplorables.”

I have never in my life been so proud to carry that label, we are the majority out here. We will not be silent while we keep on working, worshiping, paying taxes and serving our country.

Oh, yes, we are the deplorables, yet we are the glue that holds this crazy world together.

Glad to be a deplorable!

Dorothy Green