Harrodsburg woman running for state rep introduces herself

Published 3:18 pm Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Tobie Brown and I am running for State Representative in District 55.

Many of you know me but not as a politician. I definitely am not rich nor am I a “household name.”

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When I decided to run, I made my mind up that day that my little grass roots effort self will remain true to myself, my God and my community.

The whole Democrat and Republican feud makes me want to pull my hair out. We are too busy fighting each other and the people are the ones who suffer. I like to classify myself as a Constitutionalist; I am a patriot who believes in the Power of the People. I feel like Frankfort as well as Washington D.C. are filled with personal agendas, propaganda and desires of power.

The question that I get the most is, why did you decide to run? The real question that I want to ask is why are you not exercising your right and daring to make a change?

If more “no names” would step up maybe we can actually achieve change. We forget that our forefathers were farmers. Philosophy of Farming is what my campaign is based on. We are all constantly sowing and reaping. If we the people continue to elect leaders that don’t sow into issues like education, then we cannot be shocked when Kentucky is at the bottom of reaping in education.

I guess I simply want to be that individual who stands on God’s word when He says even a poor shepherd can one day become king.

If I thought that our leaders were sowing into the people, then I wouldn’t have to toss my hat into the race. Since I feel otherwise, then this “poor, no name social farmer” will just continue to be a voice for change.

Tobie Brown