Complaining about chairman’s involvement in hiring of coach is ‘sour grapes’

Published 3:25 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Editor,

I do understand the need to report on the findings of a state investigation; that is the news. However, it seems like sour grapes on the part on someone to feel the need to have this investigated in the first place.

Is Steve Tamme a school board member? Yes. Is he supposed to have a hand in the hiring of coaches? No.

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But from what I read, it seems less likely he was trying to coerce anyone and more likely he was voicing support for actions that seemed to be already in motion.

In addition to being a board member Steve is a supporter of the athletic programs at Boyle County and a personal friend of Chuck Smith, as stated in the report. Since Steve shared the opinion of at least 10,000 other Rebel fans and the other three people who went to visit Coach Smith, it seems a stretch to say he “tampered.”

Who did he have to sway? I like to think the leadership is pretty smart at a school system that has been so academically decorated as not to need Steve Tamme to point out the obvious. I appreciate the job that Steve Tamme has done as a school board member and will continue to do so.

Pete Kendrick