Time to meet the new principal at DHS: Dr. Catherine Slack

Published 5:59 pm Saturday, September 24, 2016


Danville High School

Dr. Catherine Slack (the new principal at DHS) moved here from Florida with her two sons and husband, ready to take on whatever Danville High School had planned for her. While there has been some hostility towards her with many new changes made at the school, getting to know her could be a step geared towards getting rid of that negativity.

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On her search for a job, Slack looked in Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky. She went to school in Barbourville, Kentucky, at Union College and had always said she’d come back to Kentucky if she could. She started her career in Virginia, then stayed in Florida until coming here to pursue this job opening.

Slack refers to herself as an “Air Force brat,” meaning both of her parents were in the United States Air Force. Four words she would use to describe herself are “dedicated, energetic, spontaneous, and crazy.” Growing up, her high school at the time was “no bigger than this one,” she said.

A former math teacher, she has always loved math. When asked if she’d ever step into teaching math at DHS, she commented she likes to teach at a more adult level, that teaching at colleges is more in her line of work.

Many students have looked at her unfavorably because upon her arrival, many new rules were put into place. These views aren’t entirely justified. The new no-backpack throughout the school rule, no earbuds in the hallways or classrooms, and needing to have the school-provided planner as a hall pass were in effect or were board policy before she arrived. Slack just makes sure to enforce them.

For those upset about the rules, or not understanding why they were put into place, Dr. Slack says anyone is welcome to email her or drop by to talk. This goes for things other than just being upset with the rules. If you’re interested in meeting the new principal, she says her door is always open.