Property transfers, Sept. 25, 2016

Published 11:26 am Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:
James W. and Anna G. Cocanougher to Roland R. Hamm, 1.279 acres in Boyle County, $3,000.
William G. Smallwood to Roland R. Hamm Jr., 15.93 acres in Boyle County, $50,000.
Susan L. Jackson to George W. Munday, property in Charleston Greene Townhouses Development, $255,000.
Doug and Ann Sharon to Richard Wethington, property on High Street, $14,000.
Jacob and Allison Tamme to Robert S. and Jaclyn T. Seaver, property on Quirks Run, $289,000.
David L. and Laurie Webb to Jeremy and Lindsey Stich, 20.869 acres on Ky. 34, $212,300.
Mark C. and Patricia A. Ward to MAP LLC, three lots in Swope addition to Danville, property transfer; fair market value, $180,000.
Jean L. Shackleton, as trustee of the Living Trust of Jean L Shackleton and Martin L. Shackleton, to Melissa McCraw, property on Brookcove, $117,000.
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., Ernest D. Rakes and Henry Rakes, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., property on Scrubb Grass Creek near Mitchellsburg, $42,250.
Shelby Green Ltd. to Carver Group Inc., property in Shelby Green subdivision, $22,000.
Masonic Hall Association of Danville, Ky. to Fresh Start Rental Properties LLC, lot in Hillcrest subdivision, $7,500.
Gerald M. and Gloria K. Hillegass to Chad M. and Lyndsey K. Robinson, property in Bluegrass Trace subdivision, $213.500.
Judy Harmon to Tara M. Reil, property on Shortline Road, $124,000.
Mildred U. Bolling to Eddie Burton, property in Boyle County, $35,500.
Solomons Beacon Inn Limited Partnership to Shree Sai Motel Inc., 2.966 acres on Southtown Road, $2,288,000. 
Bank of New York Mellon and Judy C. Hilpl, also known as Judy C. Fletcher, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Bank of New York Mellon, property in Shelby Heights subdivision, $57,750.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:
Jim and Patricia Norman, John and Sharon Norman, Donald and Peggy Norman, Marguerite N. and David Williamson, Hilda N. and Ernie Powell to Tracy and Laura Hebrock, 65.425 acres on Apostolic Ridge Road, $155,000.
Thomas R. and Pamela S. Hoetger to Jennifer L. Parent and David Antrobus, property on Gum Lick Road, exchange of property with equal fair cash value of $20,000.
Jennifer L. Parent and R. David Antrobus to Thomas R. and Pamela S. Hoetger, proepty on Casey Creek Road, exchange of property with equal fair cash value of $20,000.
Roger Keith Wooley to Roger Thomas and Bethany Elaine Wooley, tract on Bass Ridge Road, gift; fair cash value, $5,000.
Patsy Ann Durham, as executrix of the Montie Houston Severance estate, to Brush Creek Volunteer Fire Department Inc., .77 of an acre on Ky. 1552, $35,750.
David and Margaret Lee Grider to Christopher R. and Holly N. Wilson, property on Bryant Ridge Road, $40,210.
Curtis G. and Jaime L. Demrow to Donald C. and Teresa L. Lewallen, two parcels in River Drive Estates subdivision, $140,000.
Jane Nicholson Scott to Jane Nicholson Scott Properties LLC, parcel on Ky. 70 known as Twilight Cove, and parcel on Green River, property transfer; fair cash value, $230,000.
Donald and Judy Burns to Donna J. McGowan and Charles M. Greene, 74.66 acres on Minors Branch Road, Gravel Switch, $350,000.
James S. and Cindy Polewaski to Tamar Hill and Carol Hill, property on Scherrer Road, $68,900.
Gloria J. Sanders, Donna K. and John M. Hazle, Donald R. and Joy W. Tarter and Jerry L. and Vivian C. Foster to Heritage Legacy II LLC, property on U.S. 127, $312,500.
Sandra K. and Lowell T. Christian to Melissa S. Vaughn, Michelle Carman, Michaelena Kirkpatrick,  Lisa L. Simpson and Michelle Renee Chasteen, property on Mudhole Ridge, gift; fair cash value, $80,000.
Pauline Monday to Leonard T. and Kimberly Monday, property on Ky. 551 (Possum Trot Road), gift; fair cash value, $4,500.
Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:
Virgie Helen Wolfe to Wilbert Juan Smith and Billy Joe David Jr., 5.337 acres on Mt. Hebron Road, $54,160.
Eddie Campbell and Connie Campbell to Alex E. Barrett, two lots of the Broadmar subdivision, $50,000.
Earnestine Daley to Michael J. Daley, property in Dixie View Estates subdivision, $110,000.
Rodney and Carol Martin to Renee Doyle, property on Lakeview Avenue, $97,000.
Barry Hamill, Caywood Metcalf and Bank of America, through Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Bank of America, property on Good Hope Road, $117,500.
John C. and Wanda Moore to Greg and Angela Fouse, 4.36 acres on Nina Ridge Road, $170,900.
Kelly Lynn Newsom to Barry and Rachel Hicks, property on Doolin Way Avenue, $125,000.
Ashley B. and Steve Himes to Ricky E. and Georgia D. Long, property on Old Danville Road, $5,000.
William S. and Betty E. Noe to Robert C. and Bridgette D. Campbell, property on Poor Ridge Pike, $279,000.
Barbara and Tommy Nantz to Christine Anderson, one-half interest in property in Rolling Meadows subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $88,000.
Christopher and Sheri Helton to Todd F. and Kari L. Haydon, property on Chandler Way, $157,000.
Shelia J. and Melvin C. Law Jr. to John V. Hines, property on Dan Turner Avenue, $75,000.
Donnie Matney to David and Christine E. Flannery, property on Halcomb Lane, $217,000.
Betty J. Johnson to Judy Casey, property on Jones Road, $62,500.

Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Todd C. and Amanda J. Miller, five acres in River Ridge subdivision, $52,000.
Michael A. and Whitney Nichole Cash to Shelby Hastings and Joshua Painter, property in Country Meadows, Section 2, $110,000.
Huston Pointe, LLC, to Kentucky Fresh Harvest, LLC, 28.13 acres off Frontier Boulevard, Stanford, $680,000.
Jeffrey Todd and Dayna D. Carmicle to Joshua D. and Beverly L. Shaddox, property on East Settlers Way, $152,000.
James L. and Sherrie H. Tarter to Sarah R. Bray, 1.18 acres on Ky. 1247, $79,000.
Robbie Lee Ledford to Harold Ledford Jr., 1.005 acres on Boone Road, $2,760.
Arnold K. and Velma Martin, through Larry K. Martin, as power of attorney, to Larry K. Martin, trustee of The Martin Family Trust, four parcels in Lincoln and Pulaski counties, property transfer; value not listed. 
Mary Ruth Reynolds to Kevin and Steven Nicole Denney, two tracts on Green River, $6,500.
Jerry Jones to Sandy Jones, 1.035 acres off Ky. 501, property settlement; fair market value, $10,000.
Jeremy Wilder to Thomas W. and Jennifer B. Whitehouse, .4 of an acre on Preachersville Road, $4,500.
Beverly G. Dudderar to Gary and Linda Lanham, property on Logan Avenue, $80,000.
Federal National Mortgage Association, to Jeremy Allen, property on Elm Street, Crab Orchard, $19,000.

Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:
Doyle and Kimberly Darland to Brandon L. and Diamond Wilson and Phyllis M. Burke, property in Riverview subdivision, $89,000.
FV-I Inc., in trust for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC, to Florine Schulte, property on Main Street, Burgin, $46,500.
CitiMortgage Inc., Donald R. Russell and Donna Russel, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to George and Denise Camic, two properties on Fairway Drive, $87,167.
Nancy Conley to Melvin C. Law Jr. and Sheila Law, property in Mariview Place, $72,500.
Leslie Robertson to Aaron and Betty Nickles, tract on Grapevine Road and tract on Cornishville and Duncan turnpike, $21,000.
James Owen McMurry to Cindy Gilkison, 24.17 acres in Mercer County, gift; fair market value, $15,000.
Cindy Gilkison, individually and as executrix of the Brenda Kay McMurry estate, and her husband Lynn Gilkison, and James Owen McMurry, through Robert E. Maclin III as trustee, to Cindy and Lynn Gilkison, estate settlement, 52 acres on McAfee Lane, fair market value, $157,000.
James Owen McMurry to Cindy Gilkison, his one-half interest in property on Oregon turnpike, gift; fair market value of one-half interest, $55,388.

Cindy and Lynn Gilkison to James Owen McMurry, one-half interest in three tracts on McAfee Lane, gift; fair market value, $189,342.
Tax Ease Lien Investments 1 LLC, and Louise Nowlin, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Harold D. and Helen F. Baker, property on Eminence Avenue, $20,00 with Louise Nowlin to have six-month right of redemption.
Betty J. Chrisman to Bentley S. and Susan K. Lane, property on Central Pike, $30,000.
Greg and Denise Howard to Leslie L. Robertson, property in Elizabeth Court subdivision, $107,000.
James B. Hermann, as executor of the Mary E. Wilson estate, to Tate R. Properties LLC, property on Ashley Camp Road, $400,000.
Mark A. Stratton and Linda A. Stratton, through David A. Taylor, special maser commissioner, to Bank of New York Mellon, property on Oakland Lane, $33,230.
Aaron M. and Amy N. Warner to Hagan A. Maddox, three lots in Willow Hills subdivision, $94,000.
Mary Jo Lawson to Perry and Helene Freeman, property where alley intersects with Marimon Avenue, $30,000.
Shawn D. and Rebecca H. Lanham to Floyd & Edwards LLC, property in Fountaine View subdivision, $28,500.
Freeman Commercial Real Estate Partnership LTD to Bobby G. and Ann Robin Riley, property in Rolling Hills subdivision, $22,500.
Rebecca and Jesse D. Riddle to Scott D. McKinney  property on Ragona Way, $129,400.
Baker, Kirkland & McGlone Inc. to Floyd & Edwards LLC, property in Fountaine View subdivision, $30,000.
Evelyn S. Matherly Revocable Trust, through Thomas Dale Drury, to Thomas Dale Drury, property on Chippewa Drive, gift; fair cash value, $115,000.
Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg LLC to Terry G. and Debbie Lewis, property on Marimon Avenue, $40,000.
Bill Brock to Robert Hamlin, about 68 acres in Boyle and Mercer counties on Salt Lick Church Road, property transfer; assessed value of property, $70,000.
Robert Hamlin to Bill Brock, property on Salt Lick Church Road, property transfer; assessed value, $70,000.

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