Drivers need to pay more attention

Published 5:07 pm Monday, September 26, 2016

Dear Editor,

Local drivers are having trouble coming to a realization more traffic means drivers have GOT to PAY attention, or the chance of an accident is enhanced.

I don’t know how large metropolitan areas like New York, Atlanta or the L.A. area handled this. With a vastly greater number of drivers on the roads in those areas than here, drivers have learned to pay attention. Especially the drivers who drive in that traffic every day.

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I don’t know how drivers there got more educated; maybe on-site conditioning seeing heads roll.

Would this be better for solving the problem here than spending money? Maybe, it looks like it, but lights, or more stop signs, education is the answer.

“Officials” would better serve if they paid more attention. Bandages are getting expensive! The problem is NOT being resolved.

Jeffrey L. King