Weisiger experiencing delays due to materials, city engineer says

Published 10:19 am Friday, September 30, 2016

City Engineer Earl Coffey went into detail during Monday’s Danville City Commission meeting to explain why Weisiger Park is still not completed.

He said many have been curious as to why “progress has stopped,” however contrary to what some think, it is still actively being worked on.

Coffey said the delay is mainly due to workers having to wait for materials to arrive.

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He said they are currently working on details for the metal structure, and once everything is complete on their end, they will begin to receive the materials.

Once they receive the materials to install the water system, they will start working on it, he said.

Coffey said the city will prepare the stone foundation and there will be plumbing work, as well.

The contractor will be on-site either next week or the following week, he said, and once they arrive, they will start to pour the concrete.

Coffey said he estimates this project will take about six to eight weeks.

“It will take a little bit, but we are actively working on it,” he said.

They are still waiting on additional materials for the fountain and will hopefully be ordering more materials and other additional items.

Water treatment

project also delayed

Coffey said the water treatment plant upgrade, which has caused a partial closure of Cecil Street, has also been delayed.

“A big chunk of the delay so far is related to a labor shortage, but we will expand on those details at an upcoming meeting,” he said.

Once work requiring the closure of Cecil Street is completed, the road can be reopened.

“We expect the road to reopen towards the end of October,” he said.