Trump more fit for presidency

Published 11:14 am Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dear Editor,

As for the fit for the presidency between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump is a thousand times more fit than Hillary and therefore the better choice! At least he cares about America and our system of freedom and democracy. 

The way Hillary and Obama have governed the past few years it appears they don’t like our system and are trying to change it to suit our enemies. Apparently they are much more anti-American, and more interested in being pro-Islamic than upholding and protecting our own people and system. 

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So again whatever dirt they dig up on Trump, it pales in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s record — in short at least Mr. Trump loves America and will protect us, but given Mrs. Clinton’s and Obama’s records they do not and will not look out for America’s best interests but much more interested in filling our country with those who hate us (so called refugees) and our Christianity! 

Question is – why? I think Hillary and Obama are owned by the Saudis and other Muslim nations – they have them bought and paid for.  In other words they have them in their pockets so to speak! 

So again folks, vote for someone who at least loves our country and system despite any shortcomings he may have, and again whatever those shortcomings/negatives are they pale in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s! 

Hillary is totally unfit to serve as president and given her record of facts – things she has committed and lied about that has harmed our nation’s security and cost people their lives — she should be in prison if justice were done! Again Donald Trump is by far the better choice regardless of his negatives!

Tom Hines