Relieve jail crowding: release those who owe child support

Published 12:21 pm Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dear Editor,

We keep hearing about the overcrowding at our Boyle County Detention Center, and about the possibility of building an addition to it.

Recently, they decided that chapel services could no longer be held at BCDC because they needed that room to house inmates.

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It seems to me there is a simple solution to the overcrowding. Probably one-fifth of the inmates are in there because of non-payment of child support. This has always puzzled me. How are they ever going to make payments if they are locked up and can’t work? 

Why not put ankle bracelets on them and let them go home and to work so they can make payments? Then there would be enough room to have the rest of the inmates not be so overcrowded, and they could have their chapel services again. And it would eliminate the expense of building an addition.

If this is not a logical solution, I wish someone would tell me why not.

Marie Garland