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Addition of volleyball court at Millennium may not happen

Higher-than-expected costs mean a project at Millennium Park may end after the addition of a softball field and basketball court but before the addition of a volleyball court.

“We are still waiting for final numbers on how much we have spent on (the softball field) and on the basketball court,” Parks and Recreation Chairman Roger Ross said. “The next project is the volleyball court, but I want to see a firm figure on what we have left over … I don’t want to overspend.” 

Right now, the total expense for the new softball field is around $55,000, Danville City Engineer Earl Coffey said. 

It has cost more than anticipated for grading and concrete for the softball field, Boyle County Treasurer Mary Conley said.

Including a fence that is still needed for the softball field, Coffey estimated total fencing cost at $18,000.

“We started at $40,000 and now we are at $55,000,” Conley said. “We may not be able to do the volleyball court.”