Danville, Boyle leading on opposition to pipeline

Published 9:22 am Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

The World-War-II-vintage Tennessee Natural Gas pipeline running through Boyle County will soon carry hazardous liquids if the Kinder Morgan company gets its way.

These hazardous liquids, known as natural gas liquids (NGLs), are a threat to every property owner and community along its path.

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Byproducts of the fracking industry, NGLs are colorless and odorless as well as toxic, so you can’t detect a leak. They’re also heavier than air, so they will cling to valleys and low-lying areas. To top it all off, they’re highly explosive — over 150 times more explosive than natural gas. Starting a car can ignite an explosion if there’s a leak.

The KM pipeline repurposing will affect 18 counties in Kentucky. Thank you, Boyle County and the City of Danville, for leading the way in proactively responding to this threat. Unfortunately, many counties are still unaware of the dangers of the repurposing project. Only widespread concerted action will defeat the proposal.

Landowners and organizations across Kentucky are convening in Lexington on Nov. 5 to educate themselves about NGLs, pipelines and local options for communities facing this threat.

Join us and help spread the good work in Boyle County to the rest of the state. Visit kybeyondfossilfuels.com or call me at (502) 226-5751.

Chris Schimmoeller