Garrard food inspections

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Garrard County Health Department makes routine inspections on food service establishments. They are inspected for food storage and handling, food temperatures, utensil washing, rest rooms, and general sanitation. They are graded on a scale of 1 to lOO with 100

being a perfect score.

 Violations of the 2005 FDA food service code carry values of 1, 2, 3,4, or 5 points

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depending on the seriousness of the violation. Items that are worth 3,4, or 5 points are considered “critical items” and require immediate correction, if possible. If immediate correction is not

possible critical items must be corrected within 10 days of the inspection. Establishments with a score of 85-100 with no critical violations are in compliance with the Kentucky Food Service Code. Establishments with a score of 70-84, with no critical violations, must be re-inspected

within 30 days and may face suspension if deficiencies are not corrected in that time.

Establishments with a score of 60-69 are issued a notice of intent to suspend their permit.

 Establishments with a score of 59 or less are closed immediately.

Regular Inspections

Anderson Bros Grocery, 4313 Cartersville Road, 83, 92 ** Deli meats not marked with a “Consume by” date as required; employee smoking in food prep area; employee not washing

hands before putting on gloves to handle food

Fivestar Food Mart, 303 Stanford St., 97.99

Jay Meladi of Lancaster (EZ Mart), 33 Mt Hebron Road, 98, 92 ** Expired Over-the-Counter medications on shelf

Peninsula Golf Club, 136 Club House Dr., 96

Rocky Top Shell, 79 E. Old Lexington Road, 97, 98

Herrington Lake Marina, 136 S. Homestead Lane, 91

Kings Mill Marina, 570 Kings Mill Road, 97

 Kamp Kennedy Marina, 4646 Kennedy Bridge Road, 95

Pasture, 7907 Nicholasville Rd, 90, 99 ** Cooked foods in cooler not marked with a “Consume by” date as required

 Learn & Play Daycare, 159 Pine Crest Road, 100

Last Stop Pizza, 67 Old Tanyard Road, 100

Cliffview Retreat & Conference Center, 789 Bryants Camp Road, 100

Subway, 1 Public Square, 94

McDonaId’s, 249 Lexington St., 94

The Learning Tree for Children, 258 Lexington St., 94

Caribbean Spice, 73 S. Campbell St.,100

 Dollar General #940, 302 Stanford St., 93

Doodles Produce, 36 Pine Crest Rd, 99

Pete’s Diner, 1863 Pine Crest Road, 96

Christian Care Center, 308 W. Maple St., 98

Follow-Up Inspections

Anderson Bros Grocery, 92

Jay Meladi of Lancaster (EZ Mart), 96

Pasture, 94

Complaint Inspections

Dollar General #9981, 8925 Lexington Road, ** Men’s restroom out of order; men’s & women’s restrooms unclean; cardboard boxes, paper, wood pallets, and other debris on ground at dumpster area and on front lawn; standing water in gravel portion of parking lot; floor unclean throughout store; numerous aisles partially or totally blocked by stocked carts

Dollar General #9981, 8925 Lexington Road, ** No obvious corrections made from previous inspection; numerous bags of garbage on ground at dumpster; high weeds across entire property; no towels in women s restroom

Dollar General #9981, 8925 Lexington Rd, **No obvious corrections made from two previous inspections

Dollar General #9981, 8925 Lexington Rd, **High weeds over entire property; litter in front lawn; gravel portion of parking lot in poor condition; all other items from previous inspections corrected.