Supreme Court should be only issue in election

Published 9:21 am Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dear Editor,

As we near the upcoming presidential election, I feel compelled to voice my opinion on a point or two. I think we are facing the most critical decision in history in this election. I believe we are at the edge of the cliff, so to speak. By that I mean if we make the wrong choice this time we go over the cliff to the death of America and our system of freedom as we’ve known it since our beginning as a free people!

There’s one more thing the liberals want and need to do to get dictatorial control of our country and that is control of the U.S. Supreme Court. That will happen if Hillary Clinton is elected. And if that occurs, it will make little to no difference who the president is, they (Democrats) will have permanent dictatorial control once they get another liberal judge on the court.

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This is the number one thing they know they MUST do to get veto proof control — in other words, they can pass any law they want because they will have the mix on the Court to uphold it if challenged. (Supreme Court Judges are lifetime appointments!)

And the way things have gone the past eight years and are going now, I think Christianity and our freedom will be at serious risk because Hillary will simply be an extension of another Obama term and his agenda. Many things of freedom, people are protesting these days because it “offends” them will continue and or get worse, likely even our freedom to worship we’ve had since the founding of our country.

This next Supreme Court appointment is huge and I am afraid most people do not realize it. If the Democrats win and get their way those who hate us and Christianity will rule us! The points I make in this letter will reach only a few, but hopefully it will cause some voters to consider the matter before voting.

Again this Supreme Court Judge issue is huge! Vote Trump!

Tom Hines