Voters deserve to hear from state rep. candidates

Published 10:21 am Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

I write today to first of all express my full support for Bill Noelker for State Representative. However, I also write to ask why there will be no debating the issues now before us.

I know and like Daniel, and I know and like Bill. However, the idea that because one was in the legislature for three weeks makes him somehow above the necessity of debate is wrong.

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The fact of the matter is that there were many issues voted on in that session, and many more that were kicked down the road to be addressed later. Among those are the issues of outside financial interests in campaigns, how that affects the ability to be an independent representative for Boyle and Casey counties, and the way road funds and other matters very important to us here at home were addressed or ignored during that session.

Casey County alone seems to have been severely cut in that area (except for a traffic light), and I would imagine her citizens would like to know why. I also think that given the climate of the presidential election, it is also absolutely necessary to know where each candidate stands on the flaws and attributes of the people at the top of the ticket.

Do our local candidates support the ideas of sexual assault on women, mockery of the disabled, racism toward federal judges and ordinary citizens? Do they support jailing political opponents and depriving other people the right to vote?

Where does each stand on states’ rights and local input over infrastructure projects for our district, such as road plans? Where do they stand on how we fund our schools and honoring our commitment to teachers who have paid into a pension program their entire lives? Do they have a plan to deal with the growing opiate epidemic, or how to reduce gun violence while protecting our Second Amendment rights?

These are issues that are important to local voters and the people of Boyle and Casey Counties deserve a substantive debate on those issues.

Finally, whatever you do, please vote.

Patrick McClure