‘One good scare’ — Film students to create haunted trail with horror movie scenes, all to benefit cancer research 

Published 7:50 pm Saturday, October 22, 2016

HARRODSBURG — Students in a film theory class at Mercer County High School plan to scare people into donating to cancer research, in the most fun, creative way possible. 

English teacher Charlie Cox said the class is solely responsible for the planning and execution of Pennies for Panic — a haunted trail that will wind through the halls of the school, with several rooms dedicated to scenes from students’ favorite movies. 

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“This should be a fun evening displaying the passion my students have not only for film, but also for charity,” Cox says. 

The project not only goes hand-in-hand with course study of the class, but will benefit Pennies for Patients, a charity advocating for the advancement of cancer research. 

“Pennies for Patients is a focus for our school, as Mercer County is often one of the top fundraising schools for the charity in the state,” Cox says. “Many of our students and staff have been personally touched by cancer, so it’s definitely a passion project for the Titans.” He says Mercer County is among the most giving school communities in the state. 

“I hope people will come support this fun event and support an amazing charitable organization.” 

The new class was developed in part due to students’ interest and Cox’s background. “We study rhetorical value and trends in the 21st Century’s most popular artistic medium — the cinema.” 

Cox says in studying the horror genre, the class was looking for a unique project appealing to a wide variety of learning styles and coordinating several disciplines. 

“Re-creating the mood and tone of scenes from favorite scary movies was an idea that appealed to everyone. Add to that it’s all for charity, and it’s even better.” 

Those who plan to participate will be guided on a walking tour through the school. There will be six scenes — the movies the scenes are taken from will remain a surprise — along with scares along the way, Cox says. “It’s certainly family-friendly, so we invite everyone to attend.” 

Members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America also will help out with the evening, as well as students from Julia Snellen’s AP art class, who will create special effects using makeup and props. 

When asked why people should come support this endeavor, Cox said it’s simple. 

“To quote John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ — ‘It’s Halloween. I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare.” 


Pennies for Panic is Oct. 31 at Mercer County High School, 1124 Moberly Rd., Harrodsburg,. The haunted trail is open 7-10 p.m. and costs $5 per person, with all proceeds going to Pennies for Patients, a cancer charitry.