Elliott taking voters for granted by declining forum

Published 7:55 am Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Editor,

I read with dismay the article in the Sunday, Oct. 16 edition of The Advocate-Messenger reporting that Daniel Elliot has declined to participate in a public forum with his challenger, Bill Noelker.

Mr. Elliott is following the pattern set by Rep. Andy Barr, who has refused to debate Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper, and Sen. Rand Paul, who has refused to debate Jim Gray. This behavior is detrimental to the democratic process. By not participating in public forums or debates, these incumbents deprive the voters of the opportunity to listen carefully to candidates discuss opposing views on issues and decide whom to support on election day.

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The special election that was held in March had a very short campaign period and although many voters did participate, the November election will likely draw many more voters to the polls. The citizens of the 54th District deserve to hear the incumbent state his views on the issues that will come before the Kentucky Legislature in January 2017 and to hear how he has represented us since his election.

By refusing to meet Mr. Noelker in a public forum, Mr. Elliott sends the clear message that he takes his constituents for granted. We’ve heard him once; we don’t need to hear him again. Really? He doesn’t have anything new to share or any insights gained from the time he served last spring? 

I would encourage the Chamber of Commerce and Hometown Radio, WHIR 1230 AM to rebroadcast the forum held in February of this year during the time they proposed for this fall’s House District 54 forum and also to post a link to the February forum on Hometown Radio’s podcast page, as they plan to do for three events that will take place. The Advocate-Messenger could also post a link to a transcript of the February forum on their website.

The public has a short attention span and citizens deserve the opportunity to hear again how these two men plan to serve our District.

Jane S. Brantley