Trump’s childish arguments translated

Published 7:53 am Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Editor,

I respect the rights of others to disagree with me and am under no illusions that my one letter alone might change minds. Yet this election compels me to make some observations. Anyone who was a child or cared for children should recognize many of Donald Trump’s arguments. 

1. His verbal, and possibly physical, disrespect of women (as heard on the Bush tape). “Locker room talk” is child translated into, “Everyone else does it.”

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2. Nonpayment of taxes, which he says proves he is smart, is child translated into, “I got away with it.”

3. The election is rigged is child translated into, “If I don’t get my way, the game is unfair.” Donald Trump’s business acumen is discussed as a plus for him. Yet Trump has declared bankruptcy on — not a self-made business — but one started with a “small loan from his father” of $14 million. During bankruptcy, the court allowed him a living expense of over $400,000 a month while small businesses working for the defunct Trump New Jersey casino went unpaid and many were destroyed.

Is this a man who understands the needs and fears of the middle-class? Government isn’t a business but a process where power is shared and cooperation required. Unlike Trump-admired Russia’s Putin, there is no one bully boss who dictates to our country. Trump must not become our president.

Jane Preston