Where students stand on the presidential election

Published 9:47 am Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear LOG Readers,

This issue (LOG 4) and next issue (LOG 5, Nov. 7), the students in the journalism class will be sharing their opinion columns about the presidential election. We were assisted by The Advocate-Messenger’s Executive Editor Ben Kleppinger in this assignment. He visited class, talked about his own strategies for opinion writing, and then gave the students feedback on their drafts after peer editing. DHS is lucky to have such a partner in journalism education!

The students have enjoyed this second adventure into opinion writing, after previously writing reviews.  Some were initially reluctant to write these columns, afraid their opinions might be unpopular with readers, but they all eventually completed multiple drafts. Some of these columns were edited for space concerns, but all students’ presidential opinions will be published over these next two issues.

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In future issues, students will divide up into staff assignments, with some writing features, some writing opinion columns and reviews, all working as photographers, and all participating in editing duties.

Our class is also working on building an online presence for the school’s paper in coordination with SNO Sites, a commercial platform that hosts many school newspapers online. This will allow our students experience working with digital publication, open possibilities for video content, and give the world an always-present way to catch up on DHS news. We’re all excited about this 21st century expansion of our paper and that our school offers these opportunities to its students.

Thanks for reading the Log!

Steve Meadows