Merryman cares about the success of all students

Published 8:37 am Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dear Editor,

In my four years at Danville High School, I didn’t usually have mothers — other than my own — get interested in my future. Then Kathy Merryman came into my life through one of my best friends.

The woman currently running for school board played a huge role in my education in high school as well as college. Due to Kathy’s interest in the post-secondary education of every student she encounters, I was able to visit Northern Kentucky University, my first-choice college, and the university I currently attend as a junior. By accompanying me on a campus visit, I found the school I’ve been able to call home for the past two and a half years. 

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I wasn’t the only student aided by this proactive parent, however. My senior year, she helped with the Project Graduation “celebration.” She, along with the other parents picked out activities, games, door prizes, and party favors for the graduate participants of 2014. In addition to the planning, she was also one of the few parents who stayed the whole night to help facilitate the festivities. 

She has always been an accessible resource of sorts to myself and a number of other students in my graduating class, whether it was college application advice, FAFSA help, substitute teaching, event planning and more. This fun, exciting, intelligent, and reliable woman would be happy to help any and every student she comes across, and would be a fantastic asset to the school board.

Cheyenne Cooley