Re-elect Serres to Danville Commission

Published 9:24 am Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dear Editor,

I would like to add my specific endorsement to Commisioner Rick Serres for a second term on the Danville City Commission.

I have known Rick for over three decades, and I have learned he is a person with a sharp mind and a keen sense of fairness, a successful business person who provides jobs for several local citizens, and someone who broadly promotes all the critical components of the Danville community — education, safety of all citizens, recreational opportunities and strong support for the various arts programs.

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I have attended several commission meetings over the past two years and I have observed Rick as an accomplished team player. He listens to the mayor’s ideas and those of other commission members, and he then evaluates his votes based on the carefully considered pros and cons of each proposal. He is much more concerned about ideas presented and whether or not they may be good for Danville than who offers proposals; he also listens carefully to members of the community who are not typically involved in the decisions that can affect all of us.

I believe he is also a good financial steward, and that he has been careful in investing the city’s limited funds wisely and with an eye to the future.

In short, Serres has done a conscientious and effective job and he deserves to be re-elected so that Danville continues to move forward.

I also concur with the recent letter submitted by Ms. Sarah Vahlkamp — I feel the current city council members represent the diversity of our community very well, and that all four of them should be retained based on the positive progress which has been made over the last two years. They work well together, a welcome change from some of the previous groups that were in this critical group of decision makers. They will keep Danville moving in the right direction.

John “Buck” Rogers