Hillary Clinton has bad judgment

Published 10:48 am Monday, November 7, 2016

Dear Editor,

“Bad judgment.” Those words seem to pop us over and over again to describe Hillary Clinton, by friends and foe alike. We know from leaked emails that people in her own circle said her use of a private server for classified government business was “bad judgment.” Bad judgment is actually the best that could be said of Clinton. Years of criminal activity is more likely. Why set up a private server instead of using secure State Department communications — if not trying to hide Clinton Foundation business?

Hillary’s record as secretary of state is one of stunning ineptness. She failed to recognize ISIS as a threat. She failed to recognize the good guys from the bad guys during Egypt’s “Arab Spring.” She had the bad judgment to cast her lot with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood instead of the more moderate Al-Sisi.

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She supported the decision to give a $150 billion to the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world – Iran. That money will be used to prop up the totalitarian ruling mullahs and kill innocents. She failed to recognize or support the “Iranian Spring” — where rank and file Iranians were begging for help against the unpopular Iranian leadership — the rebels were then crushed and that window of opportunity was lost. Bad judgment.

Clinton failed to recognize after Libya’s Gaddafi was ousted that terrorist groups had looted the armories and armed themselves to the teeth. The rest of the world knew it was too dangerous a place to open an embassy. Hillary opened an embassy but failed to provide American security, hiring locals to protect Ambassador Stevens. Clinton, as secretary of state, failed to respond to hundreds of requests by Stevens for security and after his murder, blamed it on a fictitious protest and a film made by an American. This was a case of bad judgment and a pack of lies to cover it up.

Hillary Clinton is currently under an FBI investigation. Will this make a difference in this election?  Probably not. Hillary’s bad judgment notwithstanding, the Clintons have always been above the law.

Eben Henson