Merryman has dedication, experience

Published 10:50 am Monday, November 7, 2016

Dear Editor,

As a former educator with the Danville Schools, I highly urge all citizens of Danville to vote for Kathy Merryman for the Danville school board. In the 5 years I worked for the Danville Schools, I had many opportunities to not only interact with, but to also be inspired by Merryman. She has been a tireless volunteer for the district and supporter of its students and staff.

Kathy has served in various capacities in the district throughout her time living in Danville. She has been a substitute teacher, a school volunteer, and has served on the PTOs at both the elementary (JRE) and middle (Bate) school levels for 9 years. Kathy even helped form the systemwide PTO in Danville. I would venture to say that nearly every student and staff member in the district has in some capacity, been influenced by either Kathy, herself, or her work there.

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On the many occasions I reached out to Kathy for either materials for a class project, a community connection for a lesson or activity, or even an assistant to come into my classroom and lend a hand to ensure a task was seamless and effective, she never hesitated to jump into action. Kathy did not only lend her support the year I had her daughter in class, but the years prior and following. I, and many others, always felt supported and appreciated by Kathy. 

Kathy, being a former educator herself, is extremely knowledgeable in district policy and procedure, as well as in best practice and research-based instructional models. She is a firm believer in and proponent for student success at all levels and in all its forms. I have seen firsthand Kathy’s willingness to do whatever it took to meet the needs of all students and she truly embodies the spirit of the district motto that, “All Means All.” 

Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Kathy Merryman for Danville school board and encourage everyone to get out and vote for her on Tuesday, Nov. 8.


Christopher Barnett