DHS forensics starts season off strong

Published 9:14 am Tuesday, November 15, 2016


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Danville High School’s reigning state champion forensics (competitive speech and debate) team has started the season off strong with impressive showings at the first two tournaments.

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On Saturday, Nov. 12, the full team competed at North Oldham High School, taking first in the overall team sweepstakes based on the combined scores of its members. Boone County, LaRue County, Louisville Assumption, Bardstown and Kentucky Country Day finished out the top six teams. 

Senior Captain Grace Sheene had the strongest showing in the tournament, placing first in dramatic interpretation, first in prose, and sixth in improvisational duo (with Matt Ballard). 

Danville took first in four more events: Natalie Grubbs in declamation, Haley Hopkins in humorous interpretation, Emma Merryman in impromptu speaking, and Charlie Hall in storytelling. 

Additional DHS award winners: Abigail Anderson, fourth in program oral interpretation; Caroline Bugg, seventh in congressional debate; Briona Burnett and Charlie Hall, third in improvisational duo; Billy Critchfield, third in congressional debate; Katie Critchfield, third in extemporaneous speaking; Celeste Fieberg, fifth in three events — broadcasting, oratory and program oral interpretation; Haley Hopkins, second in declamation; Haley Hopkins and Joseth Warner, fourth in improvisational duo; Mackenzie Howe, sixth in broadcasting; Havannah Martin, second in dramatic interpretation and third in broadcasting; Emma Merryman, third in declamation; Becky Mohr, third in impromptu speaking; McCallum Morley, fifth in dramatic interpretation; Madelyn Mullins, sixth in extemporaneous speaking; Claire Strysick, fourth in declamation.

 On Nov. 5, the 21 experienced members of the team competed at the Ruth Blair Invitational at LaRue County High School. The team took second to rival Rowan County with Bardstown Bethlehem, North Oldham, Bowling Green and Murray completing the top six teams.  The team won 17 individual awards and was led by sophomore Emma Merryman, who took first in declamation and third in impromptu speaking and poetry. 

Additional award winners were Matt Ballard and Grace Sheene, first in improvisational duo; Celeste Fieberg, fourth in oratory; Billy Critchfield, third in extemporaneous speaking; Abigail Anderson, third in oratory and fourth in program oral interpretation; Grace Sheene, fifth in prose; Charlie Hall, second in storytelling; McCallum Morley, sixth in broadcasting; Evey Kinkade, sixth in declamation; Haley Hopkins, sixth in humorous interpretation; Haley Hopkins and Joseth Warner, fifth in improvisational duo; Briona Burnett and Charlie Hall, fourth in improvisational duo.