State stops sending reminders for expiring driver’s licenses

Published 1:18 pm Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Division of Driver’s Licensing made the decision in late October to discontinue the printing and distribution of driver’s license renewal reminder cards. 

“It is just important to me that people are aware of this to prevent citizens from experiencing any problems as a result of an expired driver’s license,” Boyle County Circuit Clerk Cortney Shewmaker said. 

The decision was not made in Boyle, but by the state, so every county is discontinuing the reminder cards. 

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“I want everyone to know this decision was not made by me or my staff,” Shewmaker said.

At a meeting held between circuit clerks and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, she said the clerks voiced their concerns and provided suggestions about alternative ways of notifying people.  

“As a courtesy, my office will make every effort to inform people that their license has expired or is nearing expiration whenever possible,” Shewmaker said.  

“A great deal of discussion and planning went into this decision. After weighing the impact of the renewal cards versus the cost of maintaining this process, it was determined it was necessary to end this program,” Division of Driver’s Licensing Director Matthew Cole said in a press release. 

The Division of Driver’s Licensing will still continue to print and distribute renewal reminder cards for CDL driver’s licenses, as it is required by federal law, the press release said. 

“I would like to remind people to check the expiration date on their driver’s license so they don’t expire,” Shewmaker said.