Centre grad Crit Luallen speaks to local Democrats

Published 7:36 am Monday, November 21, 2016

Distinguished former Kentucky State Auditor, Lt. Governor Crit Luallen and Centre College graduate visited Danville to talk with local Democrats about securing Kentucky’s future.
The event was sponsored by the Danville-Boyle County Branch of the Women’s Network, which is a local group who support Democratic principles and policies.
Luallen spoke to a room full of local residents, who associate and support the Democratic Party, about how the party should move forward after this years election.
“We didn’t expect quite the problem that the Democratic Party faces right now,” Women’s Network’s Margaret Gardiner said.
Luallen worked with 17 Kentucky governors and is very familiar with the Kentucky government and working with the Democratic Party.
“It’s important to look at this election and think, what happened in this election and where do we go from here,” Luallen said.
Some pieces of advice she gave to those in attendance were to not give up, regardless of how discouraged they may feel and to get the younger generation involved, because they are the ones who are starting to lead the party now and will be leading the party in the future.
“I think it’s vital that we have those young people involved,” Luallen said. “These are the people who are the future.”
She said it was the perfect time for democrats to do some soul searching and come together and discuss how the party is going to come together. If there is an outcry for support or concern, negative or positive on a particular issue, those in Frankfort and Washington here that and it makes a difference, she said.
“It has to happen in your community, it’s got to happen at the state level and the national level,” she said. “We have to be inspired by this election to be more engaged than we’ve ever been personally.”

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