McWilliams youngest author at state book fair

Published 9:05 am Monday, November 21, 2016

Sophia McWilliams, a 16-old junior at Garrard County High School, attended the Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort Nov 4-5. 

McWilliams was the youngest of 170 authors to attend, and this is her fourth year attending. She’s published 10 books.

The Kentucky Book Fair is Kentucky’s premier literary event of the year, drawing over 3,000 attendees. 

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McWilliams signed nearly 150 books for fans who purchased her books.

McWilliams’ book “Wielders Book One: The Journey Begins” was the seventh best seller, and she was also on the top 10 best sellers list in 2015.

 “Kids’ eyes light up when I tell them that I am an author. They see that they can write books like me. I love to hear about the stories my fans are writing.  I always encourage them to keep at it and to follow their dreams,” McWilliams said.  “Writing is not as hard as it looks so don’t give up and keep writing. If I can do it, you can to.”

“Wielders” focuses on five friends,and their journey through the new world. With magical creatures inhabiting the world, known as Phasers, the friends stick together through everything.

With adventures happening daily, the five friends are always on a mission to solve something, go somewhere or simply explore their new surroundings.

McWilliams has earned three Regional Scholastic Writing Gold Key awards as well as several Silver Key and many Honorable Mentions for her writing.

“‘The Wielders’s Book 1’ is so imaginative. As Sophia’s fifth-grade teacher, I was able to see the games on the playground that turned into these wonderful books. From a teaching perspective this is a wonderful book to use to teach the fantasy genre to young readers. However, my favorite aspect about these books is that they are written by a child (and her father) for children! Students are eager to read these with the attraction of wonderful artwork and exciting adventures,” said Jeremy Thompson, a former teacher of McWilliams’.

This release was submitted by Lucas McWilliams, Sophia’s father and writing partner.


Sophia McWilliams and her father, Lucas, visit schools and tell their stories of writing together to inspire and teach students, as well as encourage them to write and follow their dreams. The duo has produced and edited four books written by Garrard County students. Proceeds are donated back to the schools to help further writing programs.

To find Sophia McWilliams’ books, visit or and search for “Wielders Book Journey.”