No public funds being used for restoration of Latimer’s Dry Goods

Published 7:24 am Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dear Editor,

Ron Moroni’s letter about Perryville printed Nov. 27 was well-intentioned but inaccurate.

It was stated that funds raised by Main Street Perryville’s Turtle Derby last summer were being used to “completely restore Merchants Row and it was used to give the former Latimer’s Dry Goods Store a new appearance…”

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Funds have been used to improve the former Parks Store building, but not a cent has gone to restore Latimer’s Store (now Chaplin River Antiques). My husband John and I purchased Latimer’s from its previous private owner and have paid for all the preservation/renovation efforts ourselves.

We want the public to know that when they supported Perryville’s Turtle Derby, they were contributing to the restoration of buildings owned by Main Street Perryville on Merchants Row — not privately-owned buildings, which is as it should be.

Anyone who has been on Merchants Row knows that $7,300 (or whatever amount was raised) cannot “completely restore” Merchants Row; many thousands more are needed to adequately preserve these wonderful old (1800-1840) buildings for future generations.

Some things were accurate: You should come to Perryville, and it is beautiful!

Sylvia Hensley