$138K change order approved for water treatment plant

Published 10:43 am Thursday, December 15, 2016

Danville City Commission approved an eighth change order on Monday for the water treatment project.

The change order was submitted by Judy Construction Company and recommended by HDR Engineering Inc. It increases the price of the contract by $138,029. The total of the contract with the change is $24,171,838. 

With the change order, the contract time will increase by 42 days, which sets the completion date of the project on Jan. 11, 2017. 

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There are several items that are either still in progress or have been delayed, according to Judy Construction. 

City Engineer Earl Coffee said the foundation for the granular activated carbon (GAC) structure was designed to bear on solid rock. According to Judy Construction, there was not any rock found under the entire structure, “which required the area to be undercut and refilled with flowable fill.”

Work on the chemical building couldn’t begin until the GAC building was complete, according to Judy Construction. 

Another item Judy Construction noted was a delay in the resolution for structural modifications to the retaining wall between the filter building and the GAC building, which slowed down the backfill operations and prohibited evacuation of the chemical building. 

When Judy Construction was allowed to start moving the carbon silo and begin excavation of the chemical building, they were advised that the unit was full.

According to Judy Construction, “after waiting for two weeks for plant operations to use the carbon, we used super sacks and unloaded all the excess carbon so the silo could be relocated.” 

Inadequate construction and staging space has greatly “hampered” production as well, according to the construction company. 

“Between scaffolding for masonry, crane set-up, forms, piping, etc., space has been at a premium, which has slowed production on critical path items,” according to Judy Construction.