K9 Corner, Dec. 20

Published 8:36 am Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Each Christmas the K-9 Corner features a true story of a dog’s adventures and the various human angels that helped the animal have a happy 2016 Christmas. The dog tells her own story, only the name has been changed for privacy.

Hi, my latest name is Hope which is how I feel; you see, I have hope that I will always have the love and kindness I am experiencing right now. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

This is Hope, a medium size dog weighing about 35 pounds.

This is Hope, a medium size dog weighing about 35 pounds.

I really don’t remember much about my baby days, I am sure I was taken care of by my mother. It was after I left the whelping nest that I still get flashbacks of the abuse I endured by humans. 

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When I was about six months old I was so fearful and defensive that someone stuffed me into a tiny crate and left me on the front lawn of someone known as a dog rescuer.

I was so cramped and fearful in that little crate; I worked at chewing my way out of it. The rescuer spent considerable time trying to gain my trust enough to get me inside where she could take care of me. I rejected her advances and she handfed me for over a month before I accepted her. Still I gave her the title of “my Angel #1.”

This Angel started trying to socialize me so I could find a “forever home.” She finally thought I was ready and I was adopted by a family as an only dog. However, I was highly anxious and confused and when I was crated while the humans were gone, I spent the time pulling anything close enough into the crate where I could shred it. It was because of this trait that I was returned to Rescue.    

Angel #1 realized that her limited time would not be enough to rehabilitate me so I would be adoptable so she contacted Woodstock Animal Foundation in Lexington, Kentucky for help.

That is where I met Angel #2 who took me in and 

evaluated me and decided I would do well in a foster home with Angel #3. Now foster homes are not “forever homes,” usually foster homes offer a home-like situation with supervised time free in the house and sometimes training if it is needed.    

Actually I was not ready for this transfer. My fears from the abuse as a puppy blossomed and frightened Angel #3 and her family. I was returned to Woodstock who placed me with Angel #4 who also was fearful and returned me. I then was sent to Angel #5 followed by Angel #6 and even though I am only medium size, I was so afraid of all these strange humans that they all sent me back to Woodstock Animal Foundation. I was considered aggressive not fearful.

Now Woodstock tries to rehabilitate the animals they take in and, fortunately for me, is very reluctant to euthanize their charges. So I was sent to an animal behaviorist who immediately recognized my fear and what triggers my fears.  For the first time in my memory I felt safe and secure. This time I classified this family as my Guardian Angels.   

What has made my Christmas is the fact that the animal behaviorist has determined that it is highly unlikely that a family could be found that would have the knowledge to cope with my fears. Yes, I still have fears but only in certain places now and my Guardian Angel knows where those places are. 

I wish everyone Christmas blessings and a very Happy New Year.

Love, Hope.

This is Hope enjoying a massage.  She used to be fearful of hands.  Notice the tail wagging so hard it is blurred.

This is Hope enjoying a massage. She used to be fearful of hands. Notice the tail wagging so hard it is blurred.

* Woodstock Animal Foundation is located at 843 Lane Allen Road,Lexington, KY 40504. (859) 277-7729. They are a 501c not-for profit organization with Rescues in Lexington, Louisville and Shelbyville. They are always looking for volunteers whom they train and donations of time and materials make them happy. The animals ready for adoption are featured on Facebook and Petfinder under Woodstock’s name.