Israel should not be divided; Palestinians do not deserve the land

Published 12:00 pm Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dear Editor,

In the Bible, Joel 3:2 is a warning to any people who plan to divide Israel, a land given to them by God.

There has never been a country of Palestine, no language of Palestinian. These people and various rulers desire to see Israel annihilated. There is such hatred for this people. Israel is the only democratic country in that area. Now, they are surrounded by enemies on every side. We have been their ally through many years.

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Every day in Israel, sirens blow and the people run to the shelters. This is a way of life for the children of Israel. Over 5 million live under this threat every day.

Obama has called for the division of this tiny land. Doesn’t that bring to question, why?

Why would we even attempt to give even a part of Israel (our friend) to a group which are no friends of ours? All of the land of Israel is no bigger than the state of New Jersey.

If the U.S. continues to be part of this diabolical plan to divide this land, we will reap a curse for our actions!

We have to ask why the current president would even consider such an act. When one leader along with his or her aides agrees and enacts such as this, all the people suffer. You, me, your children, we all suffer — Genesis 12:3.

Dorothy Green