NuBlend smoothie shop, a recent addition to downtown Danville

Published 5:28 pm Saturday, January 7, 2017

New downtown business owners Benjamin Hall-Volpenhein and Ryan Wilhoit opened a new smoothie cafe, NuBlend, in November on Danville’s Main Street. 

Hall-Volpenhein and Wilhoit spent nine months planning and getting the business started.

Hall-Volpenhein, who is a sports trainer and works with young athletes, would go to a similar business in Lexington that Wilhoit was a part of in order to get protein shakes and smoothies. 

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After building a friendship with Wilhoit, they discussed what it would take to start their own business in a different location. 

Hall-Volpenhein said this is part of his everyday lifestyle. It’s a quick breakfast, snack or dinner. 

“I see a lot of good that can be done,” he said. 

Since Wilhoit was already in the business, Hall-Volpenhein expressed interested in making NuBlend happen. 

A reason why they chose to settle their new business in Danville is because, “we see a lot of growth and potential, not just in business but in the community,” he said. “This town is growing so much — it’s a college town, it’s a ‘small town’.” 

Before opening NuBlend, Hall-Volpenhein said they researched how well a business like theirs does in a small town. 

“We saw that this was a good fit for us,” he said. “This is a location I hope to have open for years. We are hometown people … we enjoy this town and location.” 

Hall-Volpenhein said NuBlend is for people who are seeking a better lifestyle and a “healthier you.”

NuBlend officially opened Nov. 23. on Main Street next to Chase Bank. 

NuBlend has a cafe-style and rustic environment with a lounge that has different seating options, a TV and free Wifi. 

As far as their menu goes, Hall-Volpenhein said NuBlend offers three different styles of smoothies. 

The first style Hall-Volpenhein described is their classic blend. 

The classic blend features 35 different flavors that vary from sweet treats like banana pudding, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, brownie batter and buckeye. 

“It’s 35 flavors that taste just like what they sound,” he said. 

Another smoothie option is their wholesome blends. 

Hall-Volpenhein said the wholesome blend includes more hand-crafted fruits and vegetables. 

There are 14 wholesome blend flavors features fruits like blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pineapple and coconut. 

NuBlend also offers blended bowls. 

Hall-Volpenhein said the blended bowls have a smoothie base, but it’s creamy enough to eat with a spoon and topped with different fruits, granola and different seeds. 

“We like to keep everything as organic as possible,” Hall-Volpenhein said. 

For those who would like to go off the options on the menu, customers can also build their own smoothies and choose what they want to have blended. 

NuBlend also offers kid-friendly smoothies. The kid-friendly smoothies offers a level of protein that is easier for them to digest, he said.

Hall-Volpenhein said NuBlend is something “I want anyone and everyone to come and enjoy regardless of health needs or allergies.”

“We want them to benefit from this,” he said.