From the former Weisiger Park Christmas tree

Published 7:02 am Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear Editor,

Hello Danville,

I send you greetings from Arborville heaven. I am doing quite well but I do long for my favorite place, Danville. I recall being an infant in a nursery, growing strong and attractive.

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I was adopted by a Danville family and placed in a prominentcorner of Weisiger Park. I loved it! I was able to grow and observe the daily routines of many residents, young old, merchants and especially the attorneys as legal business was performed in a beautiful courthouse.

Over my many years, I was a nursery for many, many winged friends. What a joy to see them grow and leave the nest. But most of all, there was the one event I loved, Christmas. The lights and decorations were proudly worn. Then the young children, their excitement and watching their eyes — indescribable.

However, as time passed, I began to hear about park renovations. As I was just in a corner place, I felt safe that I would not be affected.

More time passed, more measurements, more conversation and things began to change.

Then, early one morning before many people were on the street, workers appeared, who appeared familiar from their past work.

I heard the saws, not unusual, then I felt a shiver, I felt weak, and then I crashed to the ground.

I never understood what I had done. I was not ill and there were reports that I was healthy, needing annual checkups, much like humans need.

In closing, I miss you Danville. Happy holidays,

The past corner tree

Larry Scott