U.S. is not ‘anachronistic democracy’

Published 7:01 am Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dear Editor,

We live in a representative republic, not an anachronistic democracy. We elect representatives to abide by the will of their constituents. We elected Trump via this method, which has been in practice since 1804, via the 12th amendment, when Congress realized the current method of selecting a president and vice-president was unworkable.

Now you contend that Hillary won the popular vote; however that is not how we elect presidents. When you voted, you did not vote for her; you voted for an elector. Electors are chosen by popular vote. Therefore, when the majority of the people in a state vote, they are telling the electors for whom to vote.

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If every eligible voter voted for the same candidate in four of the most populous cities, those cities could elect a president by popular vote. Are you sure you want the four largest cities ruling the U.S.A.?

History Professor Alexander Tytler established the “Tytler Cycle” in 1787. This cycle explains the stages of a republic/democracy. We are currently between stage 7 and 8. The citizens of the U.S.A. realized this and did something about it. We do not want to live in a socialist country nor go back into bondage. Look it up.

By the way, the statement was “I hope his policies fail,” which came from Rush Limbaugh, not Sen. McConnell.

Larry Gordon