Junction City renews airlift contract with AirEvac

Published 8:37 am Friday, January 13, 2017

JUNCTION CITY — The Junction City Council renewed their contract with AirEvac Thursday night during the first council meeting of the year.

“Thank goodness we didn’t need to use it last year,” said Mayor Jim Douglas.

The contract, which costs $11,864, covers all residents of Junction City if they find themselves in need of being flown out via AirEvac inside Boyle and five neighboring counties.

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Council member Hershel Fletcher noted individuals can add on to the city-provided plan if they purchase their own memberships with AirEvac. That coverage would extend to any of the 30 states that AirEvac covers, as long as an individual is flown via AirEvac.

“If a different air medical picks you up, it isn’t covered,” said Council member Kenny Baldwin.

Council member Bill McCowan made the motion to renew the contract, while council member Sonya Kitchen seconded.

In other business, new council member Pete Kendrick asked about the previous discussions regarding the lighting at the U.S. 127 intersection with Shelby Street.

A fatal wreck occurred there last year, killing a teenager as he attempted to cross on foot near the intersection.

“We are at the mercy of the state until they decide to put up a light,” said Douglas.

Kitchen said she had inquired at the state regarding the light and had not heard a response.

Officials with the Department of Transportation have previously told The Advocate-Messenger that a plan to install lighting at the intersection could be submitted to the state by the city, but the costs of implementing the plan would fall on the city.

“It would have to have something like an interstate-type light,” said Council member Kenny Baldwin, during the meeting.

Kendrick said maybe the state would eventually consider doing something, and suggested contacting Rep. Daniel Elliott and others representing the county at the state and federal levels.

“It’s too dark out there,” Kendrick said.

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