Rejects column criticizing Franklin Graham’s behavior

Published 8:44 am Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Last week’s Column, “Franklin Graham demonized fellow Americans with election comment” prompts my reply.  Those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior simply cannot sit by when such diatribes strike at the heart of Christian leaders.

The writer: schooled, credentialed; now a retired professor of religion excoriated Graham’s youthful indiscretions, “when he admittedly sowed his wild oats.” This judgment-wielding columnist went on to infer that this might make Graham less qualified to preach the Gospel.

Bearing down harder, he lashed out against Graham’s “partisan political path.” His condescension reached such depths that Franklin Graham, a man of God was again judged, “extreme, even apocalyptic.” Extreme indeed, when compared to King David’s Old Testament political intrigue! Extreme indeed compared to Christ’s fierce condemnation of the Pharisees’ impolitic behavior when he turned over the tables in God’s sacred Temple!

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If not for Graham’s coming to Christ, followed by his lifelong evangelism, then who will speak out in today’s increasingly secular society?  How many are willing to come forth when Biblical tenets and principles are by many no longer held in reverence? Franklin Graham by his own testimony was once a fallen sinner. Now redeemed in Christ, his mission is to bring others to God’s saving grace.

With Islam referenced in the column, who among us has truly studied its radical fringes such as sharia law and its ungodly practices? That has no place in American democracy!  Though absent from the column, who has explored the dark history of the Muslim Brotherhood and not come away deeply concerned? How long will our “PC” society tilt so far left that we place ourselves in grave peril, both in terms of our sovereign nation today; and for eternity, our Christian principles?

A saddened moment of contemplation came upon me reading that column last week: Young minds are being sorely, “ACADEMICALLY” influenced; pulled away from deeply rooted Christian principles. Read our first United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay’s profound quote: “In choosing our leaders, we should prefer Christians.”

No other words can better bring this letter to an end.

Tom Ellis