Review: Underworld — The war continues on

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, January 24, 2017



“The Vampire and Lycan clans have been at war for centuries.” This quote begins the first “Underworld” movie and the latest, “Underworld: Blood Wars.” 

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“Underworld: Blood Wars” follows a death dealer, a Vampire warrior named Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale) as she fends off brutal attacks by both the Lycan (Werewolves) clan and the Vampire coven who have betrayed her. With her only allies, David (played by Theo James) and Thomas (played by Charles Dance), she must stop the war between the Lycan and Vampire clan before she has to make the ultimate sacrifice that would change everything.  

   Kate Beckinsale does an amazing job portraying a death dealer, who in the beginning of the “Underworld” series lost her parents. With incredible strength and speed, she searches for her daughter, Eve, and her lover, Michael Corvin. Beckinsale was the perfect actor for this movie. She really got into character and into the emotions. Beckinsale has been in the “Underworld” series since the beginning. 

 Theo James does an excellent job portraying a hybrid who loves his father and cares for Selene and Eve. What I loved about James’ performance was when he showed the care for Selene, what he did for her, and how far he was willing to go for her. 

Clementine Nicholson does an okay job portraying a vampire warrior who takes in Selene and David to help them defeat Marius and the Lycan clan. Nicholson doesn’t appear in the movie until the middle of the movie; she pops out of nowhere.  Nicholson’s performance showed girl power like Beckinsale’s. Her performance shows that she is a true Nordic Coven’s warrior. 

“Underworld: Blood Wars” is truly an amazing movie. I highly recommend this movie but you haven’t seen any of the “Underworld” movies, I would recommend you to see the first four before seeing this one. If you like vampires, werewolves and hybrids you will love this movie. This is one the best movies in the “Underworld” series. I rate this movie 5 out of 5 anchors.