En encouraging word: A little act of kindness

Published 8:16 am Friday, January 27, 2017

By Howard Coop

Robert Browning, the English poet, had a little girl, Pippa, sing happily as she tripped along, “The day’s at the morn…the hillside is dew pearled…” and “all’s right with the world.”  Except for the fact that it was late afternoon, it was that kind of day for us. 

With high expectations for a good evening, we were driving down the highway. In was time for dinner, and our favorite restaurant was just a few minutes away. We knew we would have a pleasant experience.

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Suddenly, I heard an unpleasant sound, and I felt the car pull to the right. It didn’t take long to know that there was a serious problem, a flat tire. Immediately, I pulled over to the side of the road. As I opened the car door to get out, I saw a car that had pulled over behind me, and the driver of that car and I met behind my car. With a big smile on his face and his hand extended in a friendly way, that perfect stranger said, “Got a flat tire ain’t ye? Don’t worry about it. I’ll fix it fer ye.”

When I opened the trunk of the car, the stranger gently pushed me aside and said, “Let me do it.  I’ll get it. I know where it is.” And he did. 

He worked fast, and in a few minutes, the flat tire was replaced. After thanking the stranger, I gave him a gift to express my appreciation for his service, and with a satisfied look on his face, he got in his car and rapidly drove away.  With gratitude in our hearts for the help of a perfect stranger, we drove down the road and were soon at the restaurant enjoying a delightful meal.

Remembering that event, I recall some words that are almost 2,000 years old: “Do not forget to do good and share with others.” Just a little act of kindness may make a big difference in someone’s life.