Danville to spend $77,500 on Parks and Rec master plan

Published 9:52 am Saturday, January 28, 2017

Danville will pay $77,500 for a master parks and recreation plan. City commissioners chose Brandstetter Carroll Inc. to develop the master plan during a commission meeting Monday.

“It’s been over 20 years since the original site development plan was created,” Mayor Mike Perros said. “Like any project that tends to change over time, we want to make sure we’re on track with developing the park, considering today’s trends and what we’ve already developed to date.”

According to Brandstetter Carroll’s proposal, the master plan will provide the following recommendations for parks and rec: 

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• physical improvements to parks and expected costs;

• policy recommendations;

• funding and implementation recommendations;

• trail recommendations; and

• other recommendations identified through a public engagement process. 

Master plans like this are successful when the community is engaged and expresses their thoughts and recommendations, according to the proposal. 

In the proposal, Brandstetter Carroll laid out its scope of services, which include four phases of evaluate, engage, envision and plan. 

After evaluating the current state of Parks and Recreation, Brandstetter Carroll will involve the community in the engagement phase. During this phase, Brandstetter will be delivering a community engagement report, the proposal says.  

Next, Brandstetter will deliver a strategic plan that states the vision, mission, goals and objectives for the master plan, according to the proposal. 

The last phase is the plan, which is when the action plan is delivered and states the recommendation Brandstetter has made according to the information gathered in the three prior phases.

Perros said since the park has been developed thus far from the original plan, the city wants to have a an idea of how to continue to grow Millennium Park from this point on. 

The city reviewed a total of three proposals for the master plan submitted by Brandstetter Carroll, Bravura Architects and Carman, City Engineer Earl Coffey said.