Property transfers, Jan. 28

Published 7:12 am Saturday, January 28, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Judith G. Mello to Joseph C. Thornton II, through Nada Thornton, property on Old Parksville Junction City Road, $195,000.

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Shane and Shanna Burris to Meaghan Jenkins, property in Candlewood subdivision, $133,000.

Martha J. Pollom to Samuel E. and Sarah Pollom, property in Indian Hills subdivision, $200,000.

James and Vicki Spears, Gayle Spears and Stephen M. Shewmaker, to Charles Spears, property on East Walnut Street, gift; fair market value, $55,000.

Lee Magrish to Thomas R. and Carolyn L. Spielman, property on High Street, $20,000.

Irene Pennington, through Dallas Edward Pennington, to Matthew J. and Melissa M. Valade, 4.18 acres in Junction City, $23,000.

Judith C. and Roy Phillips to Jeremy Hardin, property on Ky. 1273, gift; fair cash value, $200,000.

Rogers Family Acres LLC to Neal Farms LLC, property in Boyle County, $128,935.

Rogers Family Acres LLC to Michael Ray Neal, property in Boyle County, $342,189.

Wells Fargo Bank and Ted E. Hodge, through J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to Wells Fargo Bank, property on O’Hara Drive, $88,000.

Jonathan B. and Megumi G. Bass to Christina M. Leber, property on Yukon Avenue, $155,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jack Jacobs, property on Westwood Court, $40,750.

Michelle and Eric Grate to John B. and Cynthia Turner, property on Faulkner Lane, $167,000.

Mike Curtis to Leah M. Holloway, property in Baughman Heights, $104,000.

Mary L. Segar, through Kathryn Barber, to Bluth Development LLC, property on South Third Street, $30,000.

Brittany N. and Patrick S. Leake to Christopher R. and Erica K. Burchfield, .232 of an acre in Boyle County, $100,000.

John C. Graham, Deborah Graham, Steven W. Graham, Jane Graham, Terry M. Graham and Regina Graham to Mary LaLonde, property in Caldwell Manor, $73,000.

Ervin and Brenda Farmer to Callie F. and Rudolph E. Minks II, property on West Lexington Avenue, $96,400.

Robert M. Curtis to Stanley and Anna D. Day, property in Shelby Green subdivision, $169,000.

Barry W. and Amy T. Barkman to AFI 005 LLC, one acre on East Main Street, $16,000.

Rhonda and Tommy L. Mason to Daphne Dotson, property in Boyle County, $27,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Emily Hulett, property on Chandler Drive, $117,775.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Kentucky Housing Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, about one acre on Green River, property transfer; fair market value, $82,527.24.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Todd Carman, property on Bastin Creek Road, Yosemite, $15,500.

Eva G. and Ammon W. Weaver Jr. to Toby J. and Mary N. Hostetler, property on Chestnut Level Ridge, $135,000.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Chester and Deanna C. Matsumoto, property on Hustonville Street, $59,864.

Judy G. Phillips to Dustin A. and Alyssa M. Clemons, property in Ridgefield Place LLC, $139,900.

Mary T. and Edward A. Ellsworth Sr. to Gerald and Amanda Ellsworth, 13.85 acres in Casey County, $36,000.

Barbara Hayes to Penny Savage, parcel on Bethany Lane, $6,000.

Pamela Sue Terry to Thomas and Fannie Beachy, property east of Casey Creek, $160,000.

John S. and Judy McQueary to John Christopher McQuery, tract in Casey County gift; fair cash value, $12,800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Jake E. and Shannon Ploughman to Athena Artisuk and Bradley Lane, lot in Highbridge Estates subdivision, $15,400.

Oberman Construction Inc. to Douglas K. and Michelle L. Smith, property in Cades Cove, $155,000.

Sutton Pharmacy Inc. to Minrey Inc., two tracts on Maple Avenue, property transfer; fair cash value, $140,000.

Betty P. Arnold to James K. and Robyn R. Fields, two tracts in Garrard County, $249,750.

Stan and Elizabeth J. Saylor to Copperhead Properties LLC, tract in Garrard County, $27,000.

Angela Sue Hoss to Willie G. and Sheryl Y. Isaacs, property on Willow Drive, Paint Lick, $116,000.

Bank of New York Mellon to Thomas Meadows, property in Hideaway Cove Estates, $136,400.

Rachel L. and Kenny Allen to Dustin Combs, property in East Berea Estates, $130,000.

Oscar Bailey to Don and Jeannie Bailey, Bruce and Linda Bailey and Jack C. Bailey II, 2.2 acres on Lancaster and Danville Pike, $16,250.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Paul and Dara Purcell, property on Rolling Meadows Drive, $90,000.

Frankie M. and Wilma Faulkner to Michael L. and Andrea L. Davis, lot in Hideaway Cove Estates, equal exchange of property; fair cash value, $57,000.

Jacob T. Doherty and Afton Marissa Judy to Dane A. and Chelsee Miller, one acre on Tuggle Road, $185,000.

Barbara H. Montgomery to Arthur and Kim Hollis, 6.2 acres in Garrard County, $32,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Debra A. Barenberg and Leland R. Philpot, property on Dora Drive, $45,459.

Michael E. and Kristine E. Burger to Tiffany R. Danner and Tyler J. Robinson, property on Royalty Drive, $165,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

AHS Properties, LLC and CK MAX LLC, to WTV Properties LLC, 1.971 acres off U.S. 127, $220,000. 

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael M. Tucker, property on Young Drive, $59,001. 

Charlotte Broughton to Steve Broughton, 29.29 acres on Philadelphia Church Road, property settlement; fair market value, $60,000.  

Steve Broughton to Daniel Gorsic, 29.29 acres on Philadelphia Church Road, $123,125. 

6 MC, LLC, to Sean R. and Amber J. Reardon, property on Carter School Road, $77,000. 

Melissa Johnson to James R. Johnson, lot 8-A of Country Meadows subdivision, property settlement, (Nov. 2015 deed).

Kendall B. and Donna S. Johnson to Irene and Juan Gonzalez, 15.13 acres on Robertstown Road, $83,500. 

Margie Gail Psimer to Jonathan R. and Cristal L. Collins, 0.90 of an acre on Tick Ridge Road, Waynesburg, $171,500. 

William D. and Linda Lewis, Rebecca and Orlis Sparkman and Mary Jane and Steve Burton to Benjamin L. Harris, 60.25 acres on Old U.S. 27, $127,500. 

Carol Stull Moore to Bradley John Jay Hoover and Melissa and Bradley W. Hoover III, 16.733 acres on Ky. 1778, $35,000. 

Charles J. and Sandra Gail Lanham to Rhonald G. Ulmer IV, lot No. 46, Phase 6, Sun Valley Place, $69,900. 

Bertha M. Sizemore, formerly known as Bertha M. Bullock, to the estate of Ronnie Lee Bullock and Steven Bullock, executor, 4.023 acres on Ky. 39 near intersection with Al Wyler Road, Preachersville, property settlement; fair cash value of interest conveyed, $5,800. 

JPMorgan Chase Bank, to Michael S. Barker and Nicholas S. Barker, property on Meadow Lane, Hustonville, $64,650. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Trilogy Real Estate Mercer LLC to Harrodsburg Partners LLC, property in Skylar’s Landing, $2,040,000.

Harold M. Burks to Emily and Andrew Scott Dennis, property on Jackson Pike, $72,000.

The Johnson Family Trust, through T. Henry and Sheila E. Johnson, to Kevin L. and Anita Johnson Buck, property on Providence Road, gift; fair cash value, $77,308.

Richard I. and Suzanne C. Vitale to Rose Stewart, property in Sandy Acres subdivision, $52,000.

Dallas B. and Martye Britton and Archie M. Britton Jr. to Kevin S. and Tammy A. Kirkland, property on Bacon Court, $90,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to Jonathan Elliott, tract on Bruners Chapel Road, $14,000.

Teresa J. Ernst to James E. Ernst, property on Wildwood Road, property settlement; fair cash value, $277,200.

Howard B. Nichols to Anthony and Cheryl Sexton, property on Fairview Court, $37,000.

Warner Rentals LLC to Elizabeth Adams, lot in Mrs. C.W. Bonta subdivision, $4,500.

U.S. Bank and unknown heirs of Gracie E. Allen, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to U.S. Bank National Association, property on Cummins Drive, $20,100.

Harbour Portfolo VIII LP and Robert L. Grimes, through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner, to Harbour Portfolio VIII LP, property on Goddard Street, $20,000.

Stephen J. and Karin R. Brogle to Travis and Scarlett J. Brogle, 115.13 acres in Mercer County, $230,000.

James T. and Linda P. Wharton to Lisa C. Wharton, through Whitney Wharton, 5.737 acres on Bondville Road, Lawrenceburg, $157,500.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, doing business as Christiana Trust, to Carlos J. Miller Jr. and Tammy Marie Miller, property on Mackville Road, $103,500.

Gary D. and Vicki A. Tatum to Mark and Melissa McGrath, two parcels on Johnson Pike, $90,000.