Scam alert: Man calls demanding payment, threatening utility shutoff

Published 12:52 am Friday, February 3, 2017

PERRYVILLE — The Perryville Police Department is warning residents and business owners to be aware of a scam.

A man who gives the name Jerry Nolan has been calling businesses in Perryville and demanding payment or threatening to cut off utility services, claiming to be from the “utility company,” Police Chief Parker Hatter said.

The calls have been coming from a number that shows up as (800) 662-6030.

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On Thursday, the man called one of the convenience stores in town, Hatter said, and when the owner asked which utility company he was with, the man said he worked for Kentucky Utilities. It was not the first time he had called the store, Hatter said.

“He is real demanding, real pushy,” Hatter said. “He started cursing at (the business owner).”

Hatter said the same scam was tried in Laurel County about a week ago and he suspects it is the same man.

“I anticipate more calls from him,” Hatter said.

The man has attempted to call several local businesses. Hatter said he isn’t aware of any individuals that have received the calls yet.