Boyle’s McKinney commended for development district work

Published 9:13 am Monday, February 6, 2017

Boyle County Judge-Executive Harold McKinney was recently recognized at the annual Bluegrass Area Development District board meeting for outstanding public service as the board’s treasurer. 

McKinney served as treasurer for the board for two years. According to the citation he received, “it would be inappropriate to only recognize Judge McKinney for his contributions to the Bluegrass ADD and regional governance as only the treasurer. His personal investment and involvement have been so much more.” 

Along with serving on the Bluegrass ADD board, he has also served as the co-chief local elected official for the workforce area in the last year.

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“Serving in this capacity requires more than just attending meetings, it requires a thorough understanding of the issues,” the citation reads. “Judge McKinney’s legal background put him in a unique position to provide not only leadership but wisdom and understanding to the Bluegrass ADD.”

“It’s a nice honor and I was pleased,” McKinney said.

Bluegrass ADD serves Boyle County well and he is pleased to be a part of it, he said. 

McKinney was appointed vice-chair of the board for 2017. 

“Judge McKinney was chosen as vice-chair for his exceptional knowledge of the Bluegrass ADD and his dedicated service during the past six years,” Bluegrass ADD Executive Director David Duttlinger said. “His unique experience as both an attorney and auditor make him uniquely qualified to lead and direct the activities of the ADD. He has also served in the past as the treasurer and secretary and has chaired several committees including the Area Water Management Council.”

Duttlinger said the chair of Bluegrass ADD appoints a nominating committee each year to discuss nominations for board appointments. 

“The nominating committee is composed of Directors who have exceptional knowledge of the purpose, mission and projects of the ADD,” Duttlinger said.