Property transfers, Feb. 11

Published 9:23 am Saturday, February 11, 2017


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Anthony M. and Jennifer R. Pruter to Shawn R. Berry Jr., property on East Main Street, $109,000.

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Martina and James Wilcher to Daphne Dotson, property in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $13,353.

Kenneth W. and Joanne C. Towery to Real Properties Plus LLC, one-half interest in property on Hustonville Road, value of one-half interest, $150,000.

Lisa S. and Carl Jackson, Jo Ellen and Kenneth R. Walton, Kathy A. Slone and Michael W. Slone to Wesley V. Carter, property on Argyll Woods Drive, $96,000.

Timothy E. and Kelli G. Whitt to Whitt Farms LLC, property in Boyle and Lincoln counties, property transfer; fair market value, $243,599.

U.S. Bank National Association to Shawn Derringer, property on Tuggle Road, $122,564.

Sidney G. and Patricia Ann Ratliff to Patricia Ann Ratliff, two tracts on Salt River, gift; fair market value, $20,000.

Rhonda and Tommy L. Mason to Robert D. Stoudemayer, 1.24 acres in Boyle County, $70,000.

James M. and Connie L. Snider to James C. and Angela G. Snider, property in Streamland subdivision, $140,000.

Cathie M. Harris to Josephine Collins, property on East Broadway, $62,500.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Tena and Jackie Sumpter and Lester C. Anderson to Lester C. Anderson, property on Dry Fork, gift; fair cash value, $53,000.

Samuel A. Wesley and William and Nancy Shoopman to William and Nancy Shoopman, property on Trammel Street, property exchange of equal value of $36,000.

Samuel A. Wesley and William and Nancy Shoopman to Samuel A. Wesley, tract on Whipp Avenue, property exchange of equal value of $36,000.

Samuel A. Wesley and William and Nancy Shoopman to Samuel A. Wesley, property in Casey County, $1,200.

Roger and Yvonne Y. Campbell, Michael and Diane Y. McKahn, Patricia Yaden, Cristy and Donnie G. Yaden II, Darren and Rachel Yaden, Jonathan R. and Donya Y. Baker, Jerry C. and Robyn R. Fayne and Chase and Jennifer Fayne to Chase Fayne, 3.8 acres in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $60,000.

Monticello Banking Co., David E. Hara Jr., Melinda G. Hara, Timothy M. Waver and Lavina K. Weaver, through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to Monticello Banking Co., two parcels on Chestnut Level Ridge, $74,000.

Elvin and Lovina Zimmerman to Michael P. and Lisa A. Hankins, property on Henson Creek Road, $62,500.

Elvin and Lovina Zimmerman to Michael P. and Lisa A. Hankins, property on Henson Creek Road, $100,000.

William E. and Lucille Lester to Judy Phillips, property on Middleburg Street, $153,000.

Donald and Joy Tarter, David A. Tarter, Anna Tarter-Smith and Charles Smith to Randal E. and Becci J. Wilson, 83.22 acres on Trace Fork, $134,000.

Debbie Luttrell, Louise and John B. Hines, Berdena R. Carman, Dana L. and Robert A. Pike, Kenneth B. and Tanya Carman, Danny J. Carman and Teena M. Carman to Troy Carman, tract on Bastin Creek Road, $1,872.

Thomas R. and Pamela S. Hoetger to C.M. Swizek, 2.45 acres on Casey Creek Road, $24,500.

Kenny R. and Debbie Wesley to Jacquelyn M. Watson, as trustee of the Watson Family Trust, property on Watson Chapel Road, $1,000.

Glennis Foster to Jacquelyn M. Watson, as trustee of the Watson Family Trust, property on Rock Lick Creek, $1,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Gerald T. and Elizabeth C. Smith to Roy Lamb, property on Crab Orchard and Lancaster Pike, $27,820 (2007 deed).

Roger D. and Linda J. Vanover to Sheila Brown and James A. Flannery, two parcels in the Four Guys Realty Inc. subdivision Unit II, $55,000.

Cindy and Kelly T. Chowning III to David C. Senzig two tracts in Hideaway Cove Estates, $189,900.

Charles O. and Shirley J. Ward, (Shirley J. Ward Carlton) to Paul W. and Lavon G Crabtree, property on Perkins Lane, $150,000.

Ruth Warmoth to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, tract along Ky. 1972, $1,100.

Gregory L. Montgomery, Michele J. Brondy, Carolyn A. Noble, Lynn M. and David W. Dorris, all through Johnny O. Bolton as attorney-in-fact, to Robert E. and Carrie Hoppa, property in Teater Brothers subdivision section 2, $158,750.

Herbert R. and Sharon Barnes to Brittany Roberts, property on High Bridge Road, $50,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Patricia and John Nunley III to Justin T. and Myranda D. Boyd, two tracts on Hackley Lane, containing 8.202 acres, $195,000. 

Wells Fargo Bank, Olivia D. Day, Matthew A. Day and Edna Renner, through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to Wells Fargo Bank, 1.881 acres on Ky. 1770, Crab Orchard, $50,000. 

Bruce C. Edgington to Timothy Matthew and Misty Erin McCoy, two parcels on Ky. 590, containing 33.145 acres, $335,000. 

L & S Cook, LLC, to Jay Shree Laxmi Inc., property on New. U.S. 27, near Stanford, $285,000. 

Tim Adams to Michael D. and Judy L. Shelton, 15.551 acres off Ky. 1948, $44,000. 

Michael O. and April Hampton, through Charlene Coy, attorney-in-fact, to J & T Irrevocable Trust, property off the Ellison Pulaski County Line Road, $15,000. 

Leo and Janet Greer to Michael Mercer, lot No. 3 of Pleasant Acres subdivision, $3,000. 

Norma Atwood to Glenn Atwood, parcel No. 33 of the Gilpin Properties, property settlement; fair cash value, $130,000. 

Margaret Caldwell, individually and as executor of the Frances Ernst estate, and Gary Caldwell to Billy Joe and Lena Ernst, two tracts on the Stanford-Somerset Pike, containing 44.8 acres, south of Stanford, $60,000. 

U.S. Bank, to Gregory Lynn Miracle, property on Stanford Street, Crab Orchard, $15,000. 

Hilary Shuffett to Floyd Loren and Joyce Ann Simpson, lot No. 4 of Arcadia Heights subdivision, Section 2, $200,000. 

Zelma Messer, trustee of the Zelma Messer Revocable Trust, to Matthew A. and Luann M. Byler, 75 acres on the waters of Buck Creek, $272,500. 

Daniel Ralston and Dewayne and Joy Ruckel to Benjamin and Brooke Mullins, two parcels on Crawford Lane and lots No. 5 and No. 6 of Crane Acres subdivision, $135,000. 

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Hand-in-Hand Realty, LLC, property on Powell Street, Stanford, $17,687.04. 

Henry L. and Andrea Jackson to Rachael and Douglas N. Thornburg II, property on William Whitley House Road, property transfer; fair market value, $203,000. 

Ricky and Jeannea Turner to Preston E. and Pamela J. Hubble, lot No. 7 of the Multi-Family Housing Phase of Wilderness Estates subdivision, $115,000. 

Karmin Davis to Chad Davis, one acre on Main Street, Stanford, property settlement. 


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Paul B. and Debra K. Stenberg to David H. and Kristine L. Senters, property in Salvisa Heights Section 2, $215,000.

Daniel M. and Jean Tucker to Sean P. and Ann-Marie J. Fay, property on McCouns Ferry Road, Salvisa, $292,500.

David E. and Hope B. Haack to Elizabeth D. Dunn, property on Chestnut Street, $80,000.

Kathy J. Meredith, as executrix of the Ima Jean Vanarsdall estate, to Kathy Jean Meredith, four parcels in Mercer County, estate settlement; value not listed.

Anita C. and Kevin Arrasmith to Roy M. and Angela Goodlett, their one-half interest in property in Brummett subdivision, $30,000.

James S. and Cathie Holt to Terry E. and Dorothy J. Jenkins, property on Beaumont Avenue, $144,000.

Eileen Sheperson, as executrix of the Evelyn Hays estate, to Eileen Sheperson, property on Poplar Street and property on East Street, estate settlement; fair market value, $39,000.

Tim and Crystal Darland to Teresa Releford, 2.5 acres in Mercer County, gift; fair market value, $31,000.

Michael A. and Frances K. Shuda to Benjamin J. and Samantha Ferguson, 18 acres on Manns Road, $362,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Terry W. and Nora C. Currens, property on Robards Court, $62,000.

Mary K. and David L. Mayo Sr. to John V. and Tonya J. Robertson, 5.01 acres on Cummins Ferry Road, $39,500.