Kidd sets melody into motion

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Boyle County High School

Today, mainstream personalities seem to dominate the social world. Young people, especially, aspire to be popular and to “fit in.”

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However, senior Erin Kidd has no problem defying these norms. Kidd is the ideal example of a young individual that is comfortable with being herself. As an emboldened individual, Kidd’s confidence is radiant and her expression of art is powerful.

Grounded in an introspective manner, Kidd lives and sees the beauty in the moment. She maintains an outer sense of serenity that reflects her inner peacefulness. The development of her personality is expressed through her many artistic talents. Her passions for painting, reading, and playing music display her creativity and desire for individuality.Erin and friends-1

Fellow senior Caroline Wells is a close friend to Kidd. “She is a very creative individual and is one of the greatest friends that you could ask for. She’s an independent thinker, and a good people person. She’s very well-rounded in her artistic capabilities.”

Kidd has grown to see the true value of art throughout her time in high school, and she has enjoyed witnessing the adaptation of the art world and the development of the hipster culture. “When we were kids, the art world, music and literature, was dying because so many people were worried about school and athletics. But I think nowadays, because so many people are trying to be ‘cool,’ people have gone back to being crafty.”

Today, the incredible amount of resources online expose people to a variety of artistic opportunities and skills. “People are being paid to make art, and I feel like you see it more now. There is a bigger spread in art and fine arts just because the times are different.”

The art world from Kidd’s perspective is continually transforming. Music, for example, manifests itself into a variety of forms, shapes, and experiences. “In everyday sounds, you hear something and find it so amazing that things like that can happen. I think it’s in everything that there is: birds, car horns, and people talking. You can find beauty in anything.”

“Other music (written) and the people making the music you hear, makes the experience real. If you can make music, you understand the hardships, practice, and skills it takes. It’s interesting to see how you can put things together and they sound so beautiful. People listen to music all the time, that’s what makes it so important. Without it, life would be dull.”

Even Kidd’s conversations with her peers helps to provide them with a poetic calm to an otherwise chaotic atmosphere. In her perspective, there lies a deeper beauty beyond the surface of simple appearances.

Kidd also allows her literary art to redirect personal complications into comfort and security.

“It’s just a nice escape from things that are happening. Sometimes life is boring so you read something really exciting.”

“I like to talk a lot about my favorite books because it’s nice to not deal with your own problems and take a break from reality by reading something more interesting or less hurtful than how you’re feeling in the real world. It’s nice to read about someone else so you don’t necessarily have to worry about you.”

Serving as the co-president of the BCHS Book Club, Kidd understands the importance of literacy and its significant impact on career professionalism and social growth.

“One, if you go on to higher education or directly into the workforce, you want to sound intelligent. Reading not only increases your IQ, but a lot of the time people reference things in books that you can’t understand unless you’ve read about it. You miss out on things in life if you never read.”

Kidd embodies an outgoing individual dedicated to her strong artistic values and inspirational skills. With her extraordinary individuality and expressive character, there is no doubt that Kidd will forever impact the world in many positive ways.