Preliminary EDP budget leaves funding from city, county flat

Published 7:00 am Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Economic Development Partnership would not request an increase in funding from Danville or Boyle County under a preliminary budget proposal for the 2017-18 fiscal year.
The preliminary budget document was presented to EDP board members this week. It has a smaller footprint than in previous years — $523,499 — because a lot of “pass-through dollars” that come into the EDP and go right back in the same amount were excluded, Chairman Ben Nelson said.
“We noticed last year when we were working with some of the public elected officials that some of the pass-through dollars  in our budget was causing some confusion,” Nelson said. “We have what is known as a common paymaster, which is dollars come in and dollars go out as we administer a shared payroll system. And when we show that in the budget it makes it look a lot bigger than it really is.”
The preliminary budget plans for $145,000 from the City of Danville and $110,000 from Boyle County Fiscal Court — the same amounts each entity provided this fiscal year.
Based on 2010 Census data, that means Boyle County residents would be paying $3.87 per person on average to fund the EDP. Danville residents would be paying an additional $8.94 per person on average. Boyle County also provides space for EDP member offices in Constitution Square park at rates that are well below market value, according to Nelson.
In 2015-16, Danville provided $125,000, while Boyle County provided $110,000. The EDP requested an additional $35,000 from each for 2016-17. Danville allocated $20,000 of that request; Boyle County kept its payment flat.
Other sources of income for the EDP would include $122,500 from “Chairman’s Circle investments” from Centre College, Ephraim McDowell Health, Farmers National Bank, Inter-County Energy and Central Kentucky Federal Savings Bank; and $145,249 in reimbursements and cost shares from the EDP’s non-governmental entities — the Boyle County Industrial Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Heart of Danville, Main Street Perryville and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Expenses would break down as follows:
• $256,374 for salaries, benefits and employer expenses;
• $139,049 for EDP partner support and services;
• $75,384 for marketing;
• $47,692 for administration costs, including an office lease of $19,800 and fees and insurance costs of $20,015; and
• $5,000 for professional development.
“This is your first look at this. This is your chance to make your thoughts and suggestions known,” Nelson told EDP board members. “We’ll take another look at it next month as we prepare to take it forward to the City of Danville and the fiscal court.”

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