Kindness is a good thing

Published 11:52 am Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the recent letter protesting the “Be Kind” billboard in Frankfort.

Kindness is a powerful tool — one not used enough by all of us.

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I will try to practice kind thoughts to President Trump. After all, he is a man of limited language and seems to have an inferiority complex. He mentioned Hilary Clinton and size of crowds a dozen times or more at his press core meeting.

Also, too bad that his early mentor and friend was the lawyer on the wrong side of justice in the McCarthy era where our freedom was compromised. And Americans should be able to see his tax returns as other presidents have revealed.

Nevertheless, President Trump has made “Make America Great Again” his own, although it was used ineffectively in the past. He is riding a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-establishment feelings. The world is changing, weather-wise also.

I hope kindness will continue to be practiced and continue to grow.

Charlotte Henson