Rotary Club news, Feb. 24

Published 8:15 am Friday, February 24, 2017


Boyle County Rotary

Joey Harris, Plant Manager/Director of Denyo Manufacturing Corporation (DMC), was the Rotary Club luncheon speaker on February 17, 2017.  Denyo Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) is a division of Denyo Company Limited, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  In addition to the Danville facility they have manufacturing operations in Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. Denyo moved its United States headquarters from Los Angeles to Danville in 2011. While the company has continued to expand, it has done so by improving it’s recycling of various products, reducing its consumption and virtually eliminating harmful emissions and Hazardous Waste.  

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DMC is a leading manufacturer of Diesel Engine driven generators and air compressors.  It opened in 1995 and currently employs 130 team members.  It serves as a final assembly plant. Their products are sold in North America by MQ Power, a division of Multiquip.  Denyo manufacturing’s Danville plant employs 130 people to assemble parts sourced from around the world and incorporated a state-of-the-art metal treating and paint coatings operation requiring several production steps.  They recently acquired a Nicholasville facility that employs 40 people and supplies metal fabricated and welded parts for the Danville operation.

Denyo Manufacturing Corporation has an admirable track record for growth.  It started, with Mr. Harris as their first employee in 1995.  They had no equipment, and no employees and in their recently acquired Clark Material Handling Company building.  Since opening, the Danville plant has manufactured over 60,000 for MQ Power’s customers that include, sporting event producers, rental companies, U.S. and foreign military operations, oil and gas drilling operations, NASA and emergency sites operated by FEMA.  Along the way Denyo was awarded an air quality award in 2008 and 2009, the Kentucky Association of Manufacturer’s “Manufacture of the Year” award for a midsized company (100-500 employees) in 2012, and a national award for their environmental sustainability program and pollution prevention.

In 2015 the Danville plant produced its first natural gas powered industrial generator.  The 1st of a kind natural gas powered generator that can operate at a well site from the natural gas coming out of the ground using a special gas cleaning and water separation process inside the cabinet.  Also in 2016 Denyo Manufacturing developed its first air compressor for U.S. markets.  

“Denyo is currently adding a substantial new office space expansion that will be used to house a new thrust into R&D.  The technical staff will be augmented with a CAD and 2 new technicians to start.  This expansion is the 3rd since 2000 and brings the additional investments to over $12 million, further evidence of their commitment to sustained growth. “In keeping with its focus on environmental responsibility, Denyo installed a 30 kilowatt solar panel as part of that current office expansion which is capable of producing 2% of their total annual electric power consumption.  Also worth noting, Denyo purchased the solar panels and system from their neighbor business, Wilderness Trace Solar on Stewart’s Lane in Danville.

Joey Harris is a Boyle County High school graduate and has an Industrial Science degree from Eastern Kentucky University.  He is the Plant Manager/Director of Denyo Manufacturing Corporation, with plants in Danville and Nicholasville, Kentucky.  He has served on the company Board of Directors since 1999 and as an officer of that board since March of 2008.  Mr. Harris has also is also currently serving on the Boyle County Industrial Foundation Board, as Chairman of the Danville/Boyle County Industrial Council, Pioneer Vocational Industrial Services Board, as Vice-Chairmen of the Danville-Boyle Chamber of Commerce and as Chairman of the Danville-Boyle County Challenge Foundation.  He was recently appointed by the Governor to represent all Kentucky industries as a Board member of the Kentucky Center for Pollution Prevention. He is a past Board of Director of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers.