Centre tries to sterilize negative history

Published 11:15 am Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dear Editor,

Does sterilization of history, even negative history, supersede a spring board for dialogue to demonstrate current educational philosophies? Is Centre a “copycat” of UK and the controversial mural in Memorial Hall?

Shame on the trustees who accepted the McReynolds’ donation and further shame to honor him by placing his name on a campus building. shame on the trustees hence who have ignored the facts so recently elucidated  Shame on the current trustees who have failed to use the moment to educate current and future students regarding equality, etc. 

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In order to have complete sterilization I suggest the hall be demolished and the heirs of Supreme Court Justice McReynolds be returned the current stated monetary value of $730,000. Also, remove and destroy any records pertaining to Mr. McReynolds in Centre archives.

These acts will clearly demonstrate how dedicated Centre strives to be a model educational beacon “at its best” as stated. It is also amazing that a few non-identifiable students can alter administrative policies!

Larry Scott, M.D.